Halloween 2019 makeup ideas

Even if a lot of people think that Halloween is just a commercial holiday, there are many others who are enthusiastically waiting for the Night of terror. Halloween 2019 is almost here and if you still don’t know what to dress up as this holiday and you’re looking for some makeup ideas, you’re in the right place! We have selected some of the most unique and interesting trends for this year in order to help you choosing your makeup look. So let’s just dive right in!


As most of you may already know, this American tv show has inspired  this fall NYFW runways, but has definitely become a trend for this Halloween as well. This makeup look generally involves intense graphic liner, face decals and ornate rhinestone designs all around the eyes. It’s a very brave and bold self-expression look but we’re totally about that.

Instagram/ @kirinrider

Pop art

These makeup looks seem to be back again this year. If you’re a comic passionate this is definitely the one for you! All you need are a black and eyeliners, eyeshadows (the colors will eventually depend on what character you’ve chosen), some skin base products (your regular foundation and a more dramatic contour will do), lipstick and voilà, nothing too hard to do but will look very cool.

Instagram/ @lingywashere

Ice Queen 

This looks really cool too and does not seem too difficult to replicate. You’ll just need some white mascara (for both you eyelashes and eyebrows), some blu/purple/green eyeshadows and something that reminds snowflakes (maybe some dots all over the face will do the job). And that’s pretty much it!

Instagram/ @lwartistr

Stormy night

If you’re patient enough to paint every lightning and every cloud then this is for you. From what we can see this needs a lot of work but looks worth the effort.

Instagram/ @lisamarie_murphy


This tech-inspired look is not something we are used to see so you’ll get extra points for this!


Mother nature

This is totally inspired to the changing seasons and we love it! It would probably take you a lot of time to look like this but we think it is totally worth it. Don’t you as well?!



This is female version of the Joker character and looks super creepy and terrifying, exactly what we need from our Halloween makeup look.


Maria Antoinette

This is another makeup idea that would not only look super cool, but would also be really approved of because of its uniqueness.

Instagram/ @renosaurio


And the last but not least is the Calavera look, inspired to the “Mexican sugar skull”. A lot of flowery decorations are done around the eyes.

Instagram/ @ellie35x

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