Etude House: how a simple idea became one of the greatest brands in the world

Does super cutely packaged Korean skincare, beauty tools and makeup ring any bells to you?
If it doesn’t, let us introduce to you one of the most iconic brands nowadays.
We are talking about Etude House. But it isn’t just about cute packagings and high quality products. No, there’s more to the story and we want to tell you all about it. So sit tight and find out how this amazing brand has become a giant in the beauty market.

Etude House was originally established in 1966 in South Korea as Oscar Corporation. It was in 1997 that the name changed into the one we know today, only after being incorporated by AmorePacific Group. If you’re not familiar with the KBeauty world, you have to know that AmorePacific Corporation is a South Korean beauty and cosmetics conglomerate, operating thirty-three health, beauty, and personal care brands and it is the world’s fourteenth largest cosmetics company.
In order to be a part of this group, a company has to guarantee to its customers only high quality products and a continuous cycle of innovation and new product development and this is something that Etude House has been doing for years now!

Since its establishment, which was already fifty-three years ago, Etude’s growth has never stopped: they started with few stores in Korea and then expanded in Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Myanmar and Japan.
Etude’s team went for multiple other countries until they opened their 100th overseas branch in 2010.
So they started in Seoul, went for multiple other countries and, as of 2018, there are 231 stores all around the world.

You must now be wondering how Etude House became so successful.

Well, the key is in their three main points of strength: firstly in the very high quality products, as they’re still getting recognition for it from their costumers all over the world.
Secondly, the owners, all the way from Seoul, were smart enough to choose the right spokesperson and models, like Jun Ji-hyun, Song Hye-kyo, Go Ara and other famous artist from the music industry like the female group Red Velvet.
Lastly, another brand’s strength is its attractive packaging design (which also differentiates them from anybody else) and its very efficient marketing strategy.
The desired brand image is to offer playful and fun products to the consumers, in order to attract them and for them to be able to enjoy their skincare/makeup routine moment.
Everything about their products remind us of Disney princesses and this is exactly what they were looking for: to make their clients feel like they’re some beautiful princesses living in a dreamy castle. Even their stores were designed to be like so: with a pink and white dollhouse storefront, pink furniture and having their sales staff dressed as princesses’ maids they were (and still are) able to make their customers feel like they are in some kind of magical fairytale.

Now that you know what Etude House is all about and you’re looking to enjoy your self-care time, for high quality products at affordable and competitive prices, we encourage you to try out some of their amazing products.

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