Get your asian look: natural full-face makeup

What is the main difference between asian and western makeup looks? In this article we’ll tell you what are the secrets behind the Asian trend “no-makeup makeup” look.

You must have seen before on Instagram, or any other online platform, how perfectly healthy, glowy and hydrated most asian model’s skins look even without makeup.
But are we really sure they’re not wearing any makeup? And most importantly, is their skin really that flawless? We don’t buy it.

We’ve done our research and the answer is they do have, in fact, makeup on.

So how do they manage to make their skin look so natural even after spending hours and hours in front of the mirror?
Keep reading and you’ll find out all (or most) of their secrets.

There’s no doubt Asian women are the best when it comes to skincare and we can’t deny their skin looks better then the European average. They are known to be very strict with their routines. For example, they never apply foundation nor any other type of base without having cleaned, toned and hydrated the skin first.
But under that last layer of product (foundation/base) hide the most common imperfections, just like it happen to us.
You don’t believe me? Try watching a makeup tutorial by an Asian youtuber and you’ll see for yourself how the transformation occurs and how many different products are used to achieve that “natural” look.
So yeah, we were wrong all along for thinking they used only few essential products and colors.

There, you have the secret. And if you really want your makeup to look as natural and perfect as theirs do, we suggest you learn a thing or two from them.


Base is fundamental if you want to achieve that flawless look. The must have makeup items are those with a glowy and luminous finish, light texture and, of course, with SPF.
Does this remind you of something? Yes, they are the main characteristics of most BB/CC creams and cushion foundations.
Finally, they set everything up with powder (yes they do the “baking” too), to obtain the porcelain skin effect.


Asian eyes are usually small, which is why eye makeup for their eyes focuses on making them appear bigger. In order to do so they use nude eyeshadows, false eyelashes, mascara and enhancing contact lenses.
And last but not least: the eyeliner, for a subtle line and wing.


Final step: the lips. The goal is to reach the “porcelain doll” lips effect. The range of colors goes from red, to rose and nudes. The last trend is the gradient lips effect: to get it you’ll have to apply the lipstick to the centre of the lips, and then proceed to blur the edges (a liquid concealer may help). The finish is up to you: matte or glossy, as you wish.

Now that you know the secret, we’re sure you’ll try them out to see if you too can look as flawless as they do.
We’re already sure you will!

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