A travel around Asia heals your body and your soul. [PART II]

In this article we promised you we were going to tell you all about our online trip so here we are. If you want to know how it ended, keep reading.
In the previous article we spoke about miraculous indian ayurvedic medicine, japanese zen meditation and how magical thai massages can be. 
We then procede to travel throughout China and last but definitely non least, we ended in our beloved Korea. 

Here’s what happened.

China and Taoism: a philosophical or religious tradition?

It’s almost impossible to label chinese Taoism. More than a philosophy, less than a religion, certainly a proper lifestyle according to which existence is well-lived only when you are in a complete harmony with the universe.
It’a not a coincidence that “tao” literally means “the way”. And Taoism states that the ways to achieve perfection, immortality and harmony divide in two different categories: the ones that nurture the soul, regret and the achievement of great actions, and then there are the proper ways to feed our bodies (especially what not to feed us: five cereals, since they’re considered to be demon’s food), proper ways to breathing correctly and sexual life control.
Taoism stresses the importance of harmonizing with nature by balancing yin and yang, focusing on breathing in the right way, through meditation and relaxation.

And our last destination: Korea.

Tea’s ceremony, “darye” in Korean, it’s a traditional form of tea ceremony practiced in Korea that has been kept among Korean people for over a thousand years.
Korean tea history was influenced by China and Japan’s tea culture and is kind of a mix of the two. 
The most famous Korean type of tea is the green one, which differentiate Korean tea culture from Chinese and Japanese ones. 
The darye ceremony consists of the tea being prepared and then being served along with typical Korean sweets. You’re supposed to drink your entire bowl of tea in 3-5 sips.
Although this ceremony was developed to help meditate and clear one’s mind of daily life worries, it is a way to enjoy all the pleasures the tea gives.
So, how would you like wearing a sheet mask while sipping some tea?

We don’t know about you but we’re already feeling refreshed and almost regenerated just by talking about all of this. We sure hope one day we’ll be able to travel and try all of these amazing experiences. We also hope we gave you a nice idea for your next travel, if you’re looking to come back relaxed as ever. 

Let us know what you think about this itinerary!

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