How to sunbathe in winter avoiding aging

If you only use your sun protectors during summer, you couldn’t be more wrong. UV rays, wind, cold and pollution can cause disastrous damages to your skin as well. Here’s what to do, and what no to, in order to stay young for the longest of times.

White sand beaches, crystal clear sea, bathing suits…it’s all just a memory now. The colder and cloudier months are here and winter is coming in just a couple of weeks. Winter is usually that time of the year when all we want to do is stay home cause it’s too cold to go outside and if we do go out, we dress put a hundred clothes on trying to keep as warm as possibile.
And, more or less, we can say we all do the same. But I’m sure there’s one thing we do not agree on: sun protectors are to be used only in summer, right? Absolutely not!
SPF is necessary all year round to prevent cumulative sun exposure and the resulting wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, and even skin cancer.

If you did not already know, here’s how UV perpetrators work: only UVB is actually lessened by winter and cloudy skies. UVB rays are most intense from early spring to early fall, and during the day’s sunniest hours. The other, UVA, is very much present year-round. They penetrate the skin much deeper, are responsible for signs of aging and can also initiate skin cancers.

So, now you must be wondering: is the sun really that bad for us?

Yes, it is but it also has some amazing benefits. For example, did you know that sunlight increases Vitamin-D levels in our body, strengthening our immune system and promoting bone growth? Did you know that it improves sleep by producing more melatonin, which is an hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle? And lastly, that it improves our mood? So technically if you expose yourself to the UV rays in the proper way, meaning that you have to protect your skin before going out, you’ll be able to benefit from these sun’s properties.

That being said, we need to clarify that, no matter what, we need to protect our most sensitive areas (face and hands) and deeply hydrate them during winter. In order to do that we’ll have to use super hydrating sheet masks, exfoliate our skin at least twice a week and use a lot of moisturizer. And don’t forget the lips: there are lip masks and lip scrubs too and we really recommend you incorporate these products into your skincare routine along with lip balms.
From here on you can procede with your usual skincare and makeup routine. Just remember: if you don’t wear makeup, put on an SPF cream as your last step before going out but if you do wear maquillage, make sure your foundation has at least SPF 30 in it. There’s no need to use a lot of sun protection or different products containing it: layering would only cause pores enlargement, impurities, even breakouts and we surely don’t want that. An SPF cream or foundation will be enough to protect your skin from premature aging and all those other terrible things we mentioned in the beginning.

Now that you know, don’t avoid sunlights: enjoy it as much as you can on these cloudier days, just keep in mind that you have to protect your skin first!

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