Makeup: Pro or beginners? The brushes are what makes the difference!

Since there is a wide range of makeup brushes, brands, types and price differences, you may end up with a headache and a great confusion in choosing the one you need.
Good news is that we’re here to help you: we’ll guide you into understanding what brushes are must-haves in order to achieve an amazing full-face!

A great makeup outcome depends both on the products you’re using and on the brushes you choose to apply them. This is one of the secrets every makeup artist teach all around the world.
If you’re one to apply foundation and eyeshadows with your fingertips, well, there’s nothing wrong with it cause yeah, using your fingers can help achieving unique effects/textures, but you still need to have the right set of brushes if you’re looking for an extra elaborated look.

Pennelli per makeup

Let’s start first with an important distinction: the bristles material. There are natural bristles, synthetic and dual-fiber ones. The natural ones are without any doubt the most expensive and professional and are ideal for loose and compact products; the synthetic ones are meant to be used for creamy-like products; the duo fiber ones are relatively new and allow a great application of all types of textures. 

That being said, let’s go into every little detail that can helps us in the decision process.

Let’s start with the base.

Foundation, as we all know, is the base of every makeup look. This is why we suggest you pay extra attention when choosing your foundation brush. For this important step you’ll need a stippling brush: the bulk of the brush is full fibered and tightly packed with longer fibers interspersed. 
To cover up small imperfections with concealer, a small brush usually flat, less full in form, with a gentle taper (just smaller, so we can work in a very detailed way) would be appropriate.  
Moving on, if you use a setting powder (or any other type of loose product), you’ll want a thick, full-fibered brush, either synthetic or natural. A kabuki brush would do an ideal job, there!
Now is time for contouring and blush. To get a contoured look you will need an angular and full fibered bush to achieve defined cheekbones and facial structure.
A blush brush is very similar to a powder brush. Brushes for blush are generally just a little smaller however, as they are covering a tinier area than a powder brush.
For highlighter you will have to use the famous fan brushes.

Tip: when applying loose products just make sure you pat the brush on the side of the container in order to remove any excess.
make up pennelli

And now the most interesting part: the eyes.

There are a lot of different eye brushes and each and every one of them will give you a different result/texture.

  • Angled eye shadow brush for a smudging and contouring eye makeup;
  • Crease brush, for creating the illusion of depth and adding contrast to your base lid color;
  • Blending brush, for (as the name says itself) blending all the colors together;
  • Eye-liner brush, to achieve a cat-eye look.

Last but not least, the lips.

We’re all used to apply lipsticks/glosses directly from the applicator but if you ever wanted to reach a more defined and precise look you could use a lip brush. 

That was all for now. We hope you now have clearer ideas and it will be easy for you to build your personal face brushes set. 
Wait, one last tip: keep your brushes clean (wash them periodically), it will help keeping your skin healthier. 

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