Pimples face map and what causes them

There’s nothing worse for a girl than waking up to seeing a giant pimple on her face. 
“What? After all the effort I put into my morning and night skincare regimen, you still have the nerve to appear?” Be true to yourself: you must have thought the same at least once in your life! 
Just like everybody else has. 
This is a clear sign that a good skincare routine is indeed fundamental but that alone isn’t enough to have clear skin with no imperfections at all. 
There are multiple factors that cause them. In this article we’ll se the most common cause and we’ll also see what Ayurveda and Chinese medicine have to say about it. 

Pimples appear for different reasons.

Genetics aside (yes, acne can be a genetic problem), they can be due to unhealthy eating habits, not cleaning your makeup brushes often enough, an eccessive sweating problem, an aggressive laundry detergent, climate changes, lack of sleep and stress in general.

mappa dei brufoli

If we want to have the bigger picture of the situation, we can say there are also other causes regarding health issues. Ayurveda and Chinese medicine think that every specific area of our face is connected to an organ or body part. In fact it is possibile to create a face mapping in order to find out what is the real problem deep inside. Let’s see, then, where they can appear and what it means. 

Forehead area.

In the East the forehead zone is considered to be strictly connected to the intestine. Having pimples in this are could mean that you’re eating way too much junk food and drinking too much alcohol. So try an healthier diet.


Who would have thought? Nose and heart are almost the same thing. Ok, let me clarify that: you’re not about to have a heart-attack. But pimples on the nose could be indicating high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or a lack of vitamin B. Try avoiding spicy foods, red meat, definitely reduce salt in food and replace them with fish, fruits and veggies, rich in Omega 3. 

Between your eyebrows.

This area is linked to the liver. So, if this is a problematic area for your your liver could need a rest. No to bad fats, dairy products or alcohol. 

On your cheeks.

If you’re breaking out on your right cheek, it means your problem may be with your lungs. We recommend you do exercises, do outdoors activities, learn how to breath correctly and your skin will thank you for that. 
On the other hand, if you’re experiencing spots on the left cheek, yet again, it would most probably have something to do with your liver: detox yourself eating cucumber and melon. 

Mouth area.

In this case you should pay attention to the stomach and colon. Reduce the amount of coffee you drink, sugar, red meat and alcohol. And just like that your problem will disappear. 


Pretty rare right? That’s exactly why we gotta pay extra attention to them. Pimples here indicate a kidney disfunction. You’re probably lacking of minerals and magnesium, you don’t drink enough or you don’t sleep enough. 

perché vengono i foruncoli


Spots here represent the hormonal and reproductive system. In this case, it’d be best for you if you could sleep at least 8 hours per night and eat food rich in Omega 3, in order to rebalance your hormones. Also, try avoiding stress could be efficient.

Rather if you believe what you’ve just read or not, Eastern medicine’s roots go way back in time so try and following some of this advices might be beneficial for your life style. 
Your mood and, most importantly, your skin would appear more luminous, with an even and healthier skin tone! 

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