Luggage: an helpful way to pack your things

You’re finally on holidays. The free days you’ve been waiting, and you’ve been saving for, are finally here. You fly to your destination, arrive at the hotel, check-in, go up in your room, open your luggage and…simply a mess! You realize you’ve taken with you all the unnecessary stuff and not what you’ll really need, so now you’ll have to go buy everything you forgot. 

Not really the best scenario case, right?

Keep reading, then: we’re sure that by the end of this article you’ll be able to pack your things successfully, without forgetting fundamental stuff and without paying extra for excess weight (your luggage’s, not your: you’re perfect the way you are!).

It’s true that if you’re one to travel not more than a couple of times per year, you can’t be expected to master your packing skills. But fright not. We’ve questioned some experts and have find out that a few simple steps are necessary. Here’s what we’ve learned. 


It may look like it is not that important, but a luggage can be perfect inside and a total disaster from outside. Go to the first store ad buy the perfect luggage: make sure it respects the dimensions needed to pass the check-in of every company, also go with the one that has the lightest weight. If your maximum weight allowed is 10 kg, it would be a shame if you had to leave without your skincare products just because the baggage alone is 2 kg, empty! And don’t worry of having to spend too much on it: there are plenty gears you can find with these characteristics for not much. Think of it as an investment that will last you for years.


Now that you have your bag laying on the bed, use the most reliable source of weather forecast in order to know what type of clothes/other necessary stuff you’ll need during your stay. Be careful: we said necessary stuff and, we assure you, 4 pairs of shoes for a weekend are surely not included in this definition. 
Try creating a list based on categories. For example our lists include categories such: clothes, beauty, electronics and documents. The first one is the most tricky: we advise you think of your different possible outfits before leaving and don’t bring unnecessary stuff.


This is a super important step. Seeing everything laying out in front of you will help you understanding if, by any chance, you’re exaggerating. If that’s the case, don’t be afraid to leave something behind.


Now is the moment to pack your bags, making sure you’re using every little space inside. Another important thing is how you fold your things and how you place them in. Choose an effective method. You can start with the shoes, proceeding with your clothes: jeans and trousers first, jackets and sweaters at the end.

Once you’ve done this, you can continue with your t-shirts and shirts, that must placed on top of everything (you can even roll them). 

Socks and underwear are made to fill the free spaces left. Also, a good tip for your skincare products is to fill different bags and not just one big trousse, this way it won’t occupy that much of a space. Using transparent bags can be helpful when you have to take them out at the airport check-ins. 

The final step is to put all the electronic things you’ll need, as well as a book for the trip and your documents.

Now we can say you’re ready for the flight.

And if you’re experiencing that annoying feeling that you’ve forget something at home, we can only tell you that it will always be there, no matter how great of a job you’ve done in packing. Just wait until you reach the hotel and realize that, thanks to these tips, you have everything you need with you: you’ll concentrate all your energize into discovering a new place, for the next days, stress-free.

So yes, you’re welcome.

Have fun!

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