Color analysis – Finding out what season best fits you will make you shine as bright as you deserve

If you think you don’t know how to combine your outfits’ colors and you’d like that to change, keep reading: we’ll teach one of the most important fashion secrets of all times.

How many times we have looked ourselves in the mirror and thought we looked tired and washed out? A lot, we already know. And every time we thought something was wrong with our makeup look (“does my lipstick shade suits me?” or “maybe it’s because I picked the wrong foundation shade” and so so so on). But have we ever thought that maybe it was our clothes’ color fault? Cause this is exactly what always makes the difference.

Color analysis shows how certain shades are capable of being flattering or unflattering just by observing the optical illusions that occur on the face when placing specific colors next to the individual. It is generally agreed that the wrong colors will draw attention to such flaws as wrinkles or uneven skin tone, while harmonious colors will enhance the natural beauty of the individual, making them appear healthy and with a luminous complexion. 
This analysis help you determining not only clothing colors but also makeup colors that harmonize with a person’s skin complexion, eye and hair color.

So, once we’ve done our analysis, we can build our palette with all the colors that better suit us.

But remember that this is not something use to do, so it’ll be better if you had your test made by an image consultant expert using natural lightening. Getting your colors wrong could be a nightmare: better avoid it. 

Makeup e armocromia

At the end of the test we should be able to tell wether if we are classified as a Summer, a Winter, a Spring, or an Autumn. These categories were born in the Seventies thanks to the “Color me a season” book written by Bernice Kentner; this book is still nowadays a necessary step in order to build your style, your wardrobe and your beauty case. 

Let’s see each season’s characteristics according to color analysis.


Spring is the season for warm and fresh colors. You’re associated with this category if you don’t have that strong of a contrast between your eyes, skin and hair tones. Hair colors go from light blonde to brown with gold highlights; warm undertones and the skin has no problem getting tanned; the eye colors go from blue to brown. 
This palette is the widest one out of the four ones: yes to beige, peachy colors, blue just remember to use the warm versions of them. Avoid using black and grey. All deep colors look very flattering on spring women. 

Donna primavera


Hair colors are blonde or brown and cool undertones. The skin is very sensitive to sun and UV rays. Eyes are light too. Your palette will contain pastel colors. All kind of light and pale colors are meant for this category, while more aggressive color are to be avoided. 

Donna estate


The contrast between hair, eyes and skin tone colors can go from intense to light ones and this determines to which subcategory the individual is a part of. Hair colors are generally blonde. The skin tone is warm and peachy. Eyes can be a warm brown or a olive green. 
This category palette is extremely wide but the best colors are: brown, deep green, yellow, bronze and so on. Purple, light pink, grey and black are to be avoided. 

Donna autunno


Winter is a cold season. Hair colors are typically black or dark brown. Eyes are dark too but can also be blue or green. The skin tone is pale and very pinky. 
This categories’ palette is made of intense and super pigmented colors. Yes to fuchsia, purple, night blue, navy and red. No to green, brown and every other nude color.

Donna inverno

Obviously, it would be impossible for every individual on planet Earth to fit into one of these four categories. As time passed by, a lot of subcategories were introduced. The names of such subcategories vary from book to book. 

Since we’re trying to keep things pretty simple, here we’ll say that every season divides in Clear,  Warm and Deep. It would be not unusual to find two completely different people in the same category that belong to different subcategories.

This is why it is important to do this test as correctly as possible. 

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