The benefits of traveling alone.

December is the most preferred month to take a trip. Or, at least, it was before the working methods changed and businesses started to ask their employees to work on Sundays and holidays. 

Whether if you think this is unfair or not, an interesting outcome is the fact that it is becoming more and more difficult to coordinate our free days with those of your loved ones. 

Your free days start, you’re ready to leave for that dreamy island, trying to leave behind all the stress that has been overwhelming you but you can’t find anybody else that has your same free days. There’s literally no one able to come with you. What do you do: you stay at home, laying on your couch, watching Netflix and eating junk food all vacations long? Only to return to work as stressed as ever and with no real desire to go back to your everyday life, because in reality you never stopped.

Is this what you really want?

As any other thing in this world, this can be changed just by taking a little courage every and each of us has deep down. 

If you find yourself in the position of not having anyone to travel with, trust us and go on any booking website or go to your trusted travel agency. Find out how much it would cost you to go to the place you’ve always dreamed of, see if it fits your budget and if it does, book that ticket. Don’t think about how boring it must be to be abroad by oneself for 10 days, don’t think about the faces that you believe will judge you seeing you alone at the airport gate. All of these thoughts are just excuses made by the fear of being so close to realizing a dream, it simply scares you. 

Check tickets for Africa, if going there has always been a dream of yours. Italy-Nairobi, for example. It may not be too expensive and you could be able to book the flight. You could buy a map-guide and realize that, besides Nairobi it would be amazing to visit the coast.

Maybe a friend of yours has already been there and could tell you all about it, giving you precious advices.
So, what about now? 

You could really leave. 

It is possible to be frightened before taking your first flight ever. But once you’ve reached your destination and are out of the airport, the fear will leave and those 10 days will pass by without you even noticing. And if the fear really leaves it is just because something that before was unknown just became known. Because the unknown is what scares us the most, but once you defeat it, you’re really able to enjoy something unique and wonderful as discovering the world with the best company ever: yourself. And don’t you dare worrying about loneliness or boredom: when you travel on your own, you will start talking to anyone, even if you’re not quite the talkative type. 

Have you thought about your return? You could have the best story to tell.

A story about lessons learned and sincere smiles. It could be about italians and africans communicating partly in english, partly in swahili and partly with body language. It could be about an african village, candies and games made with mud and dirt. It could be about tuktuk and pikipiki. It could be about a sun that burns your skin but makes you feel alive.

Sounds like a book right? Yes, it might sounds like it, but it is also my story. And of all the bother people that have had enough courage to do leave and really live.

You could fall in love with a new place.

You could learn how to love yourself and be alright on your own.

You could proudly say: “I did a crazy thing and I did it all by myself”.

Or you still prefer to stay on your couch and watch tv series all day long? 

Make your choice and start enjoying life. 

Content created by Maison Loo. Reproduction without consent is prohibited.

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