7 best Korean skincare products for the Winter

It’s here: on 22nd December, winter has officially began and, even if the good news is that from now on day light hours will be increasing, we’ll still have to fight the coldest temperatures and the frozen wind. For some of you, there’s nothing more magical than this: fireplace lighted, couch, cozy blankets, hot chocolate, Netflix and white snow falling upon our roofs.
The bad thing is that these cold temperatures harm our skin, especially our hands and face cause it is exposed to dehydration and accelerated skin aging problems.

This type of weather causes blood capillaries to shrink and that is exactly what keeps our organism from working properly, making our skin finer and more sensitive. Low temperatures alter hydrolipidic protective barrier causing a strong dehydration. Also, the continue variation from low to hot temperatures creates changes that are harmful for our skin, such as cuperose and rednesses.
Finally, risk having chapped, inelastic and cracked skin is real, given that a minor blood flow limits collagen and elastin production.

Sounds like the beginning of a catastrophe, right? So…

How can you protect your skin in Winter?

In order to help you, here you’ll find the seven best Korean skincare products to start really taking care of your skin and face up winter season coming out of it as a winner. Keep on reading to learn how to do it! Also, you can click on the products’ names and images and go directly on their specific pages in our store MaisonLoo.

1) Vital Treatment 9 Essential Seeds – Blithe

Let’s start with an essence/toner. Impossible, indeed, to limit this product to just one category. Liquid as a toner but concentrated like a serum, Vital Treatment 9 Essential Seeds is a 2 in 1 treatment for those who intend to have an even and luminous skin. Thanks to its 9 seeds used during its making of, it has antioxidant and illuminating properties. Apply, then, a few drops on face and neck after cleansing and before moisturizing: dark spots, rednesses and dry skin will only be a bad memory!

2) Time revolution nutritious toner – Missha

This toner, thanks to its peculiar formula, allows deep hydration and nutrition of skin. Based on chamomile, Angelica sinensis and black lentils, soothes and calms irritated skin, giving vitality to tired and stressed derma. It repairs our hydrolipidic protective barrier so that our skin able to protect itself from external aggressions. Pour a couple of drops on a cotton pad and dab it all over your clean and dry skin.

3) Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans – Blithe

Once again we have a Blithe brand, with this essence formulated with 8 true Vitamin E pearls: soy, peanut, carruba, lentils and a variety of beans. All of these ingredients are rich of peptides that plump, hydrate and instantly rejuvenate stressed skin. What are you waiting for? All you have to do is massage the product on the skin and that’s it, it’d only take you a couple of seconds.

4) Time revolution nutritious essence – Missha

Another essence capable of nurturing even the deepest derma layers is the Time revolution nutritious essence by Missha. Thanks to its soy protein extracts and polyglotamic acid, it creates a protective barrier that repairs and re-energizes skin, hydrating it to perfection.
For this product it’s enough to massage it on the skin. Easy, right?

5) Geum sul rejuvenating essence – Missha

We don’t know if you got it, but Missha is really one of our favorite brands! Its Geum sul rejuvenating essence contains red fermented ginseng and Reishi wild mushroom fermented in 24K pure gold. Do you need anything else to be convinced? Know, then, that you’ll find 97 types of oriental herbs extract. All of this reduces the appearances of wrinkles and eliminates dark spots. Dab the product all over the face, ‘till fully absorbed and then let us know who was right about it.

6) Citrus brightening serum – Frudia

Frudia too has a lot to offer on winter time. This serum, for example, is made for 70% of tangerine peel, that thanks to its Vitamin C and niancinamide, eliminates aging signs, making our skin appear luminous. For a more wowing effect, massage it on the skin on both morning and evening: winter won’t scare you so much, anymore!

7) Intense hydrating cream – Elizabeth Arden PRO

Ok, ok… this doesn’t come from Korea, but nothing is capable of repairing aging signs like Elizabeth Arden PRO does. This, in particular, is a super rich cream that deeply hydrates and strengthens natural skin defenses. Anti-aging effect, it erases line expressions, plumps…do we really need to go on? It also repairs skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, shea butter softens it while ialuronic acid nurtures it. What are you still waiting for? Try it out, twice a day, both on the face and neck!

Trust us: with these products, nobody’s going to believe you’ve just gone through winter, on the contrary everybody’s going to think you just got back from a tropical destination. Mark our words!

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