Elizabeth Arden PRO: what happens when a cosmetics brand and science meet.

Few products today guarantee you the effects that Elizabeth Arden PRO allow us to reach. Thanks to its centenary experience in the field, its high technological innovation, this brand has been able to bring all of these amazing products on the market. You wanna know more? Keep reading!

Just a couple of days ago we talked about how we, the MAISONLOOg team, are proud to say we’re feminists. And Elizabeth Arden makes us even more sure of that. A self-made-woman in a world where women were confined to housekeeping, she build her empire, becoming one of the leaders in the cosmetics industry.

But who exactly was Elizabeth Arden?

Elizabeth Arden was born in Canada in 1881 by the name of Florence Nightingale Graham. She opened her first spa on 5th Avenue, NYC in 1910, during a time period where it was very rare to see women with make-up on and, even more rare was to see a woman owning her own business. Since then, Elizabeth has started working on the creation of one of the firsts skincare brands on the entire world, becoming the first to work with a chemist in designing cosmetics.
She gained global recognition for her holistic approach towards beauty: at 20 she began motivating women to start moisturizing their skin, avoiding UV rays and practicing yoga on a daily basis. She was a pioneer not only in the cosmetics industry but also for women’s rights, and, to this very day, her innovations are still the most relevant ones.
More than just skincare, Elizabeth Arden had fight to make her concept of woman widely known:
she marched, along with 15,000 suffragettes, through NYC, asking for the right to vote.
She supplied bright red lipstick to protesters as they marched past her RED DOOR SPA and l encouraged them to wear it as a symbol of power and strength; besides that, she designed a special line of cosmetics specifically to support women serving in World War II; in 1946 she was one of the firsts women to ever appeared on Time’s cover.
In 1915, only 5 years after her first salon opening, her products were already selling on an international scale. During the year of her dead, 1966, there were more than 100 stores and salons.

Elizabeth Arden PRO.

Long after her dead, Elizabeth Arden still bring innovation into the beauty market. In 2005 began the collab between US CosmeceuTechs LLC and Elizabeth Arden. US CosmeceuTechs LLC is a never-ending source of innovative science and Anti-aging technology. This company has been assigned patents for some of the most amazing Anti-aging technologies and, as of today, its products are sold in more than 34 Countries.
Elizabeth Arden Inc is a company that sells worldwide famous beauty products, founded by Elizabeth. Today it counts more than 100 years of experience in this field.
These two joined and brought Elizabeth Arden PRO to life, a company whose products won more than 160 awards and certifications, all around the world, in less than 15 years.

Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid: a revolutionary innovation

The uniqueness and innovation of these products is the technology that both companies’ experts have assembled and developed throughout years of continue research: Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid. It is an educational structure and a guide for selecting the right treatments based on scientific studies and researches on formulas and technologies relevant in the cosmetics sector, it allows to obtain the best indications what treatments and products are best for our skin.

The pyramid consists of 3 levels:

It defines skin needs on terms of skin-protection and cellular renewal, indicating, even, what products should always be present in every treatment.
These, in particular, are the SPF, Mitochondrial antioxidant (these are the main responsible for energy production and their dysfunction determines body and skin aging); whitening antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid; antioxidants specialized in fighting pollution effects on the skin; lastly, DNA enzymes complex that fights free radicals and skin oxidation.


It indicates the ingredients and its main functions to guarantee skin’s transformation, its normalization and its rejuvenation thanks to hydration, exfoliation and cellular renewal.
All of this was made reality thanks to retinoids and Alfa hydroxy acids, united in one unique bio-engineer molecule called AHA-RC that allows its release and a reduction of irritation caused by retinoids.


Here are indicated the ingredients, helping us to maintain a reduction of skin-aging signs and optimize skin health and beauty on the long term.

What makes Elizabeth Arden PRO a must for every woman around the world.

Elizabeth Arden PRO guarantees efficiency, thanks to different combinations of ingredients clinically tested and studied for years. These products are simple to be used and to be picked, with the pyramid’s help. Lastly, Elizabeth Arden PRO is fundamental for our skin especially for its being PRO: professional products to maximize and accelerate the results we’re looking for.

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