Meditation benefits us all: science proof.

It’s common ground to think that meditation can have only one meaning: reality is completely different. This activity that came all the way from the East and is, today, globally known, is like its meaning can have a lot of different shades, almost like diamond’s thousand facets. Buddhism says meditation is a way of finding peace within our own mind; For those who practice yoga, meditation feels like entering in a state where you simply are yourself; for other cultures it makes you reflect and analyze both the world and yourself.

This variety of meanings associated to the same practice is just because, it is an individual and personal activity and everyone has their own personal thoughts so we could have one version for every person in this world.

Meditation roots are to be found in Veda’s old books, written more than 3 thousands years ago. Ever since then, this practice’s diffusion became so global that today it would be impossible to find someone that doesn’t meditate in its own very unique way.
That said, there also a lot of people that oppose to this kind of activity and, most of the times, the reason is always the same: there is no scientific proof that meditation works.

Allow us to correct you: there actually are.

Giovanni Dientsamnn, in fact, has collected in his Live and Dare blog more than 3000 scientific studies that dimostrate, in an empiric way, how much our body actually can benefit from meditation. If you want to know what these benefits are, keep reading: yu’ll find everything you’re looking for in this article.

Here are the 4 plus 1 benefits.

1. Meditation is good for brain and mood.

The majority of the studies conducted on this topic agrees in affirming that meditation reduces depression, anxiety and others. Another positive side effect is that it helps reducing panic attacks: 20 on 22 patients that meditate have indeed had incredible results. Going on, some experiments conducted on prisoners have demonstrate that meditation can be the right solution for alcoholism and drug addiction. All of this is science-approved. Not bad, right?

2. Meditation helps being more focused and developing our competences.

A study conducted in California has highlighted this important benefit: those who meditate are the best at remaining focused for longer, even when doing something boring.
This happens because meditation influences cerebral cortex, making it more likely to elaborate inputs and more efficient in individual’s decision processes. Again, meditation increases mental strength and helps the capacity of facing pain and processing it. For those who have issues with focusing and hyperactivity, meditation can help them acting with more awareness of what is going on.
We have benefit for every aspect of our lives: home, school, work. What could you possibly want more?

3. Meditation is – almost – like taking medicine.

Meditation can also impact, positively, our body. It can help us reducing the risks of having cardiovascular diseases and ictus, lowering blood pressure and normalizing cardiac beats. It can also strengthen our immune system and – women pay close attention! – it can smooth menopause symptoms and can help with premenstrual syndrome. 
Since it is free, why refuse to give it a chance?

4. Meditation will help us with our relationships

Constantly practicing it allows the development of different social resources, particularly that of being lovely and nice to both ourselves and people who are all around us: this would give us the possibility of developing healthy and well-balanced relationships.
Finally we’ll be able to become more social and not only via social networks!

And what if kids meditated too?

Try thinking of it: if only meditation had been introduced to us since we were kids, all of these benefits would have been a part of our lives since then, becoming almost automatic mechanisms. At the end of day it is really true what they say: to prevent is better than cure.
Let’s start teaching our children how to meditate: we’ll have more equilibrated children and future adults ready to face the world.

If you too had your doubts about the mediation world, now there’s no much left than trying for yourselves (maybe with a mask sheet on the face!).

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