Elizabeth Arden PRO – How to use it: a product for every necessity of your skin.

A few days ago we told you all about Elizabeth Arden: who she was and how crazy her life was. Thanks to her heritage and contribution in the cosmetics world (and thanks to science help) Elizabeth Arden PRO, a revolutionary cosmetics line capable of act where any other can only imagine. In this article we’d like to talk to you about all of these extraordinary products, about the brand’s philosophy and how and when to use it. Keep reading ‘till the end: you’ll discover a little curiosity about American skincare routine.

The first traditional dogma to deny is, when we talk about Elizabeth Arden PRO, is that there are only three types of skin: normal, oily and dry. In real life exists simply  one skin type that, depending on different life phases, have specific necessities. In particular, Elizabeth Arden PRO defines five types, creating just as much skincare regimens to treat the skin in the best way possible, these are: anti-aging, skin pigmentation disorders, impurities, hydration and sensitivity. Besides these 5 regimens, we have a series of new products that allow us to complete the specific treatment with even more success.

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What are the specific products to use for each regimen?

Let’s see them together.

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In this regimen there are:

  • Gentle Facial Cleanser: an awesome cleanser capable of exfoliating and removing delicately impurities of your skin without being too aggressive;
  • Age Defying Serum: a luxury texture serum, its extraordinary formula allows it to smooth and hydrate the tissue doing also an antioxidant action;
  • Skin Renewal Cream: an optimal cream that helps reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulating cellular renewal and plumping skin;
  • Age Defying Eye Cream: a cream with an exclusive formulation that intervenes on the eyes’ skin structure illuminating and embellishes your look.


If your skin suffers from this disorder, other than the Gentle Facial Cleanser, perfect cleanser for this case too, you could use:

  • Skin Brightening Serum: a serum that has extraordinary evening benefits and illuminates the skin, correcting dark spots.


The perfect products for this type and acne-prone skin are the following:

  • Clarifying Foaming Cleanser: foaming cleanser that has normalizing and evening benefits that, thanks to a daily usage, frees the skin from impurities, excessive sebum and enlarged pores;
  • Perfect Facial Serum: the perfect serum for reduce impurities, thanks to its exfoliating properties, makes your skin look fresh and smooth;
  • Skin Perfecting Peel Pads: a perfecting treatment for skin’s texture capable of giving the right amount of hydration your skin needs.


If you have a dehydrating skin that really needs nutritious products, then you can’t miss these:

  • Intense Hydrating Cream: a rich and nutritious cream that offers the skin a deep hydration, it can be use as a night treatment too;
  • Hydration Peel Pads: these pads have been formulated to offer an extra-hydration to the derma, leaving it nurtured, soft and radiant from the very first application.


If your skin is sensitive then you’ll need these:

  • Sensitive Skin Basic Cleanser: a basic and extremely comfortable cleanser, with a creamy texture, ideal for makeup removal and other impurities accumulated on your face during the day;
  • Sensitive Skin Age Defying Treatment: an antioxidant concentration that makes this product a very efficient anti-aging treatment, meant in particular for sensitive skins cause it is not aggressive;
  • Barrier Repair Complex: and extremely moisturizing cream that restores hydrolipidic barrier’s natural function, revitalizing your face;
  • Sensitive Skin Sos Complex: a light-weight cream capable of perfectly hydrating the skin and giving you that “porcelain” look;
  • Sensitive Skin Peel Pads: every pad is an active and delicate exfoliating treatment, particularly recommended for sensitive skin and couperose.

Next to all of these products, Elizabeth Arden PRO has brought to life a series of other special products, suitable for every skin-type and able to amplify the performances of every other product. They are:

  • Cellular Recovery Serum: an innovative serum that, thanks to the exclusive DNA Enzyme Complex, fights free radical damages, stimulating the repairing process;
  • Smoothing Eye Serum: specific serum for the eye area, reduces fine lines and gives you a smoothing effect immediately;
  • Hydrating Antioxidant Spray: an hydrating spray with a refreshing and draining effect and neutral pH 5.0. Ideal for those who are frequently in contact with air conditioning of for those who do lots of outdoor actives;
  • Invigorating Face & Body Scrub: a very efficient scrub that cleans and exfoliates the skin, meant to be used twice a week on not-so-troubled skins;
  • Replenishing Masque: a mask that can be used as a weekly treatment and has a nutrient and emollient effect, perfect for stressed, damaged and inflamed skin;
  • Triple protection Factor Lip Balm SPF 30: a lip balm that has unique properties, nurtures and normalizes skin conditions, giving you an healthy and younger effect.

Now that you’ve been introduced to all the Elizabeth Arden PRO products, we wanna tell you a little curiosity.

Did you know that American skincare routine is completely different from the Korean one? 

East and West, in fact, have a different way of taking care of their skin. In the USA there is no such thing as the 10 steps routine Korean girls are used to, there only exists 3: cleansing, correcting and hydrating. To these 3, then, can be added two more between the first and second steps: the boosting products and the special ones made for particular areas/conditions of the skin. Click here if you missed out korean skincare routine article!

Which one do you prefer?

Lastly, we wanted to remind you that if you had any doubts on which one would suit you the best, Maison Loo store offers a consultancy service too: don’t hesitate contacting us on info@maisonloo.com to find the perfect match for you! 

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