Pony makeup – Korea’s new YouTube phenomenon

Name: two-worded, 4 letters + 6.
Tips: she is on YouTube with 5.45 million subscribers and almost 7 million followers on Instagram. She does tutorials on the tube, has launched her own makeup line and is, also, a certified mua.

Are you thinking about Clio MakeUp?

What if we told you she’s almost 26 and is from Korea?

Yeah exactly, we’re talking about her: Pony MakeUp. She is the symbol of Korean millennials and in little time, obviously thanks to her transformation abilities, she was able to become one of the youtubers and instagram influencers most globally known. Her success is slowly, but surely, growing. Her abilities in transforming herself into anyone else, doing her hair and choosing the right outfits are all the qualities that have turn this young woman into an icon. 

Pony MakuUp before YouTube.

But just as anybody else, Park Hye Min – that’s her real name – she started from the bottom. 
Before joining the youtube community she has worked as a model for countless korean e-commerce that sell clothes, colored contact lenses and wigs. 
At the same time she has, from the beginning, she’s always been passionate about makeup and even got the certificate that made her an actual makeup artist. 

Her debut as a makeup artist on YouTube.

Then she put her first video ever on the tube. The real success came with her “Taylor Swift transformation makeup” video. It went viral and made gained her all the success she now has.

Taylor Swift makeup

That’s when she started collaborating with serious brands; one of these collabs gave life to her own makeup line. At the same time she was contacted by some of the most important girl k-pop bands such as CL and 2NE1 becoming their official mua and touring with them.

A brand new makeup corporation: the Pony Effect.

Almost like Re Mida, everything Pony MakeUp touches, becomes gold: the success that her commercials have is always huge, so much so she decided to create her own makeup business: Pony Effect. Reviews were super positive from the beginning and some of her products, like “Stay fit matte lip”, became iconic in the k-beauty world. 
She also has a blog, started in 2008, where she still posts to this day. Her content were noticed and made into a book by a publishing house. Sorry, not only one but 4 books that, unfortunately, have never been translated from Korean. 

Pony effect di Park Hye Min

But what we like the most about her is something else. Even if she’s a public figure, her private life is really a secret. Park Hye Min has, indeed, alway been an secretive person: we know she’s vegetarian, has two cats (Knit and Noru) and that she’s have an 8 years long relationship. Everything else is just gossip, as almost to say: if you want to learn more about me, look at how I do makeup. 
She is a young woman that lets her art speak for herself and wants to be remembered for that exclusively. And to us, this is a great way of doing her job!

If, by any chance you were one of those who didn’t know about her, you’ll find the link to her YouTube channel and Instagram profile below. Go take a look for yourself: you won’t regret it!

YouTube channel PonyMakeUp.

Instagram profile

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