Unbreathable air all over the world! Pollution’s consequences and what are 5 great habits to help reducing it

It could sound strange to you that to this day, 31st January, we’re still talking about 2019 in review and 2020 resolutions. But, I promise you, this time it is much serious. It is not about being on a diet, improving your self-love or eliminating every toxic person/relationship from your life. This time we want to talk about how to make this planet a better place to live in.

ISPRA reports from Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research are about to be published and it looks like they’re not gonna be much different than they were the last year. In 2018 it really didn’t go well. Europe’s level of pollution appeared to be way too much high, just as Italy, in particular, was. We don’t think we’ve ever told you but our office is located in Northern Italy, in Brescia to be precise and unfortunately it is the most polluted city there is in Italy. For more than 150 days, we’ve been over the limits established by the law for both ozone and fine powders.

Lombardy is Italy’s most polluted region.

Companies whose only interests are to earn and profit from its businesses, human beings that don’t believe in changes, millions (or should we say billions?) of cars traveling the streets of the world today, home heating system, to complete dependence on fossil fuels, old agricultural practices: pollution causes are almost infinite and the thing is that, even if we all know it (it being not only the cause but also the consequences on our health and nature’s health), not everyone is willing to do what it takes to make the world an healthier place to live in. 

We want to provide you with a list of the main effects that pollution can have on us and some little things we can do that would make a difference. We, in fact, think that consciousness is the key for the greatest changes in the world.

Here’s what we’re facing if we don’t change anything: the main pollution’s consequences on men.

We already know one thing for sure: air pollution is among risk factors that can harm our health. It is inevitable since world’s population is entirely exposed. Fine powders are capable of deeply penetrating into our respiratory apparatus, getting trapped inside alveolus. Lots of studies have demonstrated that the increasing of diseases is connected to the increasing of pollution. 

What’s more is that those who are more exposed to pollution have higher probabilities of developing cancer/cardiovascular diseases or having a heart attack. There can also be pulmonary deficit, excessive and unjustified tiredness and other bad things.

Are you scared now? Cause we are.

And that is exactly why we should be paying serious close attention to climate issues.

5 things we all should do to help lower pollution levels:


Believe us: it’s way easier than it looks. Switch the lights off every time we go out of a room, don’t leave electronic devices on stand-by, old light bulbs are supposed to be changed with led ones, fridge’s temperature should be around 5° and our heating should not be higher than 21. 
All of this energy comes from gas and petroleum, all of which are pollutant and non-renewable. If you have the possibility, install solar panels: nature will benefit from it and so will your bills!


Ok: maybe not all cities are equipped enough to make it possible to move around without the need to own a car, but – when possible – let’s try using public transportation. Besides that we could also use bikes or go by foot. If you have yet to write down your 2020 resolutions, please let these solutions inspire you – for the good. 


When we have clothes, furniture or, more in general, stuff we no longer use, let’s try giving them a second chance by not directly throwing them away. 
We could, for example, take them to the nearest thrift shop or we could even give them to those in need. Another thing we really need to remember is to be careful when sorting our wastes so that it can be easily put out for collection. All of this will make it easier for environmental agencies to collect the trash in the right and proper way.


Make sure you’re consuming zero – or almost – km food. The food will not only be fresher, have less preservatives but, since it won’t be on the road for too long, it will help with the lowering-pollution process. 
If possibile, grow your own vegetables in your garden. 


There’s really need to say it? Turn off the taps! Don’t let your water consumption run out of your control.

All in all, this will probably not make fine powders disappear, because to do that we need companies and our regions to do something. We like to think, though, that we can make a positive difference, even if small. Our world really needs some action, even the smallest one. So stop preaching and start acting today!

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