Valentine’s day – How, and where, to celebrate this day in Korea.

It’s not important wether you’re taken or single. It is inevitable as a hydrating sheet mask after being outside all day long during a cold wintery day: Valentine’s day is just around the corner.

A sociological research conducted by Maisonloog’s team reveals that the world, as of today, divides into three different types of people:

  • those who just can’t wait to celebrate with chocolates, balloons, pillows, mugs, puzzles, rings, homemade muffins, keychains, everything heart-shaped, of course!
  • those who don’t have a partner and will probably make fun of couples being hand in hand – maybe ‘cause, after all, deeps inside, they’re jealous 
  • those who are in a relationship but are the “Valentine’s day should be celebrated all the year round” type of people.

No matters what category you belong to, all of us will have to go through the 14th February. The Day of Love, that goes way back in time, has spread all over the world: there’s no country where this day is not celebrated and even Korea, which is our big love, has its own ways of spending this day. What’s more is that in Far East there are 12 recurrences where couples share gifts and other cute things with each other.

12 Korean festivities for lovers.

Starting on January 14th, on Diary Day, couples exchange a completely blanked diary where they write down their anniversary. A month later, on February 14th, only the girl is suppose to give her boyfriend chocolates or homemade sweets. The boyfriend will then, on March 14th aka the White Day, give his girlfriend roses, candies and white chocolate. 
But, guess what, in Korea they have think about single people too: April 14th, Black Day, they wear black outfits (not having a partner is kind of a big deal over there) and go eat black bean noodles. But colors come to life again on May 14th: in fact it is Yellow Day and on this day couples wear yellow clothes. And then on June 14th it’s Kiss Day! If you’re single, this can be a possibility for confessing your love to your crush, hoping to leave behind the Black Day. 
Now that it’s summer: on July 14th young couples start organizing their future together, exchanging engagement rings; on August 14th they go for an outdoors walk; on September 14th, lastly, they celebrate with a karaoke night and selfies (both of them are very popular in Korea!) . With fall coming, everything chills out: on October 14th couples drink a glass of wine for Wine Day. One month later they exchange chocolate sticks, while on November 14th they watch a romantic movie together. Lastly, if you didn’t have enough of it, Korean couples hug on the Hug Day on December 14th.

Well, what can we say: to be in love in Korea is kind of exhausting!

Given that there are more than 10 occasions to celebrate love, we want to give you a top 3 chart of the most romantic places in Seoul where you can take your significant other to celebrate.

Ready, set, go!


Starting from the bottom: Cheonggyecheon is a small man-made river that flows right in the center of the city. The best moments are always the evenings: the lights coming from the buildings, all the typical little stores and the cute restaurants are the ideal background for a romantic walk with your partner. 


It may be a commonplace but we too think this is a cute place to celebrate. In fact, lots of couples head to the tower to lock their “padlock of love” onto the railing and to dream that their love will last forever. What we like most about this place is the fact that you reach the top by cable car and, believe us, the views is breathtaking!


It would be crazy not to recognize this is the best place. Hangang is a river that goes through Seoul and we think it is the ideal place to spend Valentine’s day at. During the day couples can eat along the riverside while, during night time, they can enjoy smoothing almost magical: the water and light show will take your breath way. You can also take a short cruise trip. It really is worth it!

Even if we have completely different ways of celebrating, we wanted to end this article talking about what we all have in common: love. This feeling is the most universal of them all and even if we have different plans for celebrating it, it manifests in the same way all over the world. Korean artist Puuung has tried to share this idea with an animated video where he enclosed all his best works. You can see for yourself clicking on this link.

Do you still think Korean and Western are that much different?

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

Content created by Maison Loo. Reproduction without consent is prohibited.

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