Valentine’s day – the perfect skincare routine for your romantic date

The situation is this: tomorrow’s Valentine’s day, you’re supposed to be spending the evening having dinner with your significant other, we’ve already picked the right outfit and know what makeup look we want, but we don’t know yet what products to use for our skincare routine.

Do you feel like you’re the main character of this movie?

Frighten not: everything’s under control. Korean skincare routine is right here to help us and, and if you still don’t know how the 10 steps regimen works and what products to use for each and every one of them, Maisonloog is ready to help you. Keep reading this article and take notes about everything you’ll need to have fowls skin for the most romantic date of the year. If you click on the product’s images you will go to the store MaisonLoo: no more excuses!

Let’s start! 

1st STEP: Gentle black deep cleansing oil.

As we said earlier, the first step of your skincare regimen will be an oily cleansing. We’ve selected for you Gentle black deep cleansing oil by Dear, Klairs. This cleanser is made with Blackcurrant seed oil, black beans oil and black sesame oil. This incredible mix allows this product to strengthen skin’s protective barrier, balancing sebum production, fighting dehydration, maintaining skin’s natural elasticity and calming inflammations and rednesses. 
You’ll need just a small amount of product, massage it all over the face and then wash it all off with lukewarm water, to have a perfectly cleansed skin!

2nd STEP: Rich moist foaming cleanser.

It is now the moment for foaming cleanser. The perfect product for this is Rich moist foaming cleanser, again by Dear, Klairs. This foaming cleanser is in fact perfect for any skin type: the exfoliating ingredients contained in it, are extremely sensitive and meant also for sensitive skins.
Massage it on the face and then rinse with lukewarm water to have a perfectly cleaned skin!

3rd STEP: Bio peel gauze peeling wine.

It’s now the time to exfoliate your face. For this step we suggest you try the Bio peel gauze peeling wine by Neogen, which is very delicate but still very effective.
Gauzes are made of three layers and are absorbed in wine serum: its powerful antioxidant will leave your skin smooth and firmed. Place your fingers inside the pads’ pouch and massage it on face and neck, then rinse it thoroughly. Your skin will appear baby-soft and the amazing smell will give you the idea of holding a glass of wine in your hands: what’s better than that to relax before you big night?

4th STEP: Misa cho gong jin toner.

Now we have to take off the residues of cleanser and the excess sebum still present on our face. To do so we’ll need a toner. Misa cho gong jin toner by Missha is the ideal product for this step: thanks to its ingredients based on oriental herbs, it helps plumping the skin, making fine lines and wrinkles almost disappear. It contains peonies and that, plus the luxurious packaging, will make you feel like properqueens. 

5th STEP: Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans.

Essence is one of the main Korean skincare routine characteristics. We’ve chosen for you the Vital Treatment 8 Nourishing Beans by Blithe, an essence formulated with 8 Vitamin E pearls and able to immediately hydrate and donate a fresher, younger and healthier look to the face. Its light-with texture makes this product very comfortable to be used.

6th STEP: Pomegranate Nutri Moisturizing Serum.

Now it’s time for the serum: if you don’t have tried it yet, give the Pomegranate Nutri Moisturizing Serum by Frudia a try, you won’t regret it! Its particular formulation, based on high levels of pomegranate’s extract, allow it to deeply hydrate the skin, making it luminous and youthful. Pomegranate polifenoli have incredible antioxidant and will fight aging effects that inevitably appear on our faces with time passing by. 

7th STEP: Dark choco mask.

Probably tonight you’ll receive the classic chocolates box. So why don’t you start foretasting it during your skincare? Dark choco mask by Xoy is in fact a sheet mask made with pure cocoa, honey and quinoa, that hydrates and repairs the skin. Chocolate, we know it, has magical properties on our mood and we think there’s no better way to start the evening!

8th STEP: Time revolution nutritious eye cream.

The eye area is the most sensitive of them all, besides from being the area where aging signs show the most. Choose, then, the Time revolution nutritious eye cream by Missha, a cream that nurtures and hydrates thanks to nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and cellulose. Massage it a small quantity until all the product is completely absorbed: it’ll leave your skin more elastic and all those little dark spots will disappear!

9th STEP: Rose absolute vital cream.

And, after chocolate, roses. This is what we wish for tonight, but why should we wait for the man to give it to us? With the Rose absolute vital cream by Aromatica, in fact, you’ll be able to give yourself a maxi rose bouquet by simply applying a cream. Its floral scent, mixed with a lightweight texture, hydrates and tonifies the skin. It is meant for every skin type, even for those with rednesses and irritations.

10th STEP: Illuminating supple blemish bb crea SPF 40 / pa ++

If your date is supposed to start with a walk before the sunset, then you’ll need to remember putting SPF on. We’ve already said how important it is to protect yourself from UV and UVB rays (link to the article here): to do so, the Illuminating supple blemish bb cream SPF 40 / pa ++ by Dear, Klairs, a BB cream able to correct skin’s discolorations and protect it thanks to the SPF it contains. After a so accurate skincare, we’re sure you won’t need foundation!

Now you’re truly ready to enjoy your evening with your Valentine: have a great date, girls!

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