Instagram: in a world of (fake) flawless people, be a brownie.

Yes I’ll admit it: the title is a bit clickbait. The reason why we’re now seated at our desk, writing this article is worth your attention and we think that doesn’t really matter how we get it, what’s important is you’re currently reading this.

Let’s start from telling you a little story: how did brownies were created?

Sounds almost absurd to be be talking about a biscuit – one made with butter and chocolate and, cause of that, capable of causing even the most flawless of skins to break out – on a magazine that is all about beauty and skincare, but trust us and let’s all dive in to learn more.
This delicious pastry was, at first, the result of a mistake: legend says that a housewife from Maine, in the USA, wanted to make a very soft chocolate cake for her guests. Once she had to mix all the ingredients, before baking it, she totally forgot about sourdough. She was very disappointed: what was meant to be a tall and super soft chocolate cake, actually came out as a sort of short, extremely dense and with a chewy consistence cake.
The housewife didn’t give up and tasted it, realizing it was not bad after all. She then decided to serve it anyways: all the guests were positively surprised and, as of today, brownies have become one of American’s symbols known worldwide. 

Everything started with one ingredient less from the perfect recipe.

Perfect, that’s right. As the life we’d like to have, the skin we’ve always dreamed of, like the man/woman we’d like to fall in love with or like the last photo posted on instagram by our favorite influencer. 

Perfect like the ideal that’s slowly ruining our lives.

It’s a damage caused by this last century. A problem led by this technological revolution that, on one side allow us to keep constant contact with every part of the world, but on the other it brutally slaps our limits in our faces, making us aim for what seems to be the minimum requirements to be happy that really are completely out of everyone’s reach.

Today, on average, an individual uses their smartphone for at least two hours a day to keep up with their notifications, count the likes they have, answer their dms and posting pics on their instagram feeds. On a 24hs day, 7 of which are spent sleeping and 8 working/studying, 2 hours seems like a lot of time. A lot of studies show how much the internet influences our minds and the way we act and even if there are positive aspects of, there are way more negative ones that can even turn out to be, in some way, harmful.

It has been said that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and every other social network can easily become addictive to some people, making them almost incapable of making the most of their time.
It has also been said that those social media platforms produce the same neural circuitry that is caused by gambling and recreational drugs to keep consumers using their products as much as possible.
And contrarily to what one would think, engaging on social networks doesn’t make one more multitasking, in fact it lowers one abilities and concentration during work/study. Other, worse, effect can be seen in the personality: they can make people more impulsive, not able of engaging with people in real life and a lot more diffident with regard everyone else. 
Last, but definitely the most dramatic one, social media can make us more likely to develop depression: all that perfection that is so out of reach, can make one feel defeated, inadeguate and lower his/her self-esteem.

It’s not a really great scenario, don’t you think?

And now is the moment I bring the brownies back in the matter.

Next time you’ll be deeply scrolling down your favorite’s social media feed and you’ll find yourself envying those who are posting their perfect pictures showing their perfect lives, feeling bad for yourselves and for your ordinary life, do me a favor and do this: open your front camera, take a selfie and post it as it is.

Don’t hide your imperfections but accept and embrace them. Don’t use no filters nor other magic apps.

Show the sourdough that your recipe is missing.

That’s exactly what will distinguish you from any other human being and what will make people love you for. 

You won’t be the soft and tall chocolate cake you’d so much like to be at the moment, but if you give yourself a chance and fine the courage to taste your creation, you’ll realize you’re some delicious brownies. 

And your guests will not do anything but accept you and love you for what you are. 

Content created by Maison Loo. Reproduction without consent is prohibited.

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