Blue lights: using your smartphone makes your skin age faster – Here’s a solution directly from Korea.

Technically its name is HEV – High Energy Visible but you know it, without ant doubts, as blue light and I bet you already know how much damages that light can cause every time we use our smartphone, tablet or computer. But what is it really about? And did you know it can negatively affect the skin too? Here’s a solution coming from Korea: let’s see what it is together!


They call it the 21st century’s negative aspect and maybe they’re not that wrong. The blue light is something everyone is interested in. It is a natural component of the solar radiation, it is a part of the visible light (that’s the meaning behind the technical name HEV – High Energy Visible) and is naturally issued by the sun and other electronic devices. Blue lights’ intensity is a 1000 times more powerful than the one coming from the sun.

Recent studies have stated that even if it is less dangerous than UV rays, blue lights have become something that we should protect ourselves from since we use electronical devices all day long. Think about it: how many times do we check our devices? There’s people who work on pc, those who check instagram’s notifications like crazy and those who constantly chat on WhatsApp: unfortunately no one is excluded. We’re constantly exposed to these HEV rays all day long, on a daily basis for the entire year. 
It has been said calculated that one week of our daily life equals 20 minutes of sunbathing,  during the hours when the sun is the most powerful on a summer day. And it may not look that much, but all in all if you consider how often we use our devices, at the end of the year it would almost be as if we had sunbathed every single summery day. It would be a huge damages to our skin, don’t you think?

And that is exactly our point.

Scientists have proven that blue light can largely damage the derma almost as – if not even more – than what UV rays do. HEV, in fact, is said to be able to deeply penetrate the skin, causing a premature aging of the skin, a development of free radicals, a decrease in collagen and elastin production. And exposure to those kind of rays have the power of oxidizing cellular structures, damaging the protection function of the skin and causing the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots. Blue lights, also, have a negative impact on the circadian rhythm of the sleep-wake cycle, making it more difficult to fall asleep and sleeping less as a consequence.

All in all: using mobile devices makes us age.

If you’re feeling a little worried right now, we can understand why. In fact, those countries where technology is used/produced the most have start talking about 3C Aging, which are the three main causes of skin aging: City (pollution), Computers (blue lights) and Communications (wireless network and its waves)

A remedy made in Korea.

It looks like Korea’s created some skincare products specifically to protect and repair the skin and Missha, a brand we really love, has the perfect example. The Night Repair Borabit Ampoule, is capable of mixing science and cosmetics and is really amazing when it comes to external factors. Among its ingredients there’s Lactobacillus, which contains peptides and Vitamin B12, for an healthier skin, but it’s the Bifida ferment the main ingredient of them all: it is in fact capable of bringing oxygen to the skin, making it easier the cellular renewal and toxins removal.

Your skin will, then, be extremely protected from any external factor and, applying a small amount of it between toner and serum during your skincare night routine, you’ll be able to check your smartphone without worrying about premature wrinkles.

Mark our words.

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