Enlarged pores – the best korean products and the best ingredients to fight them.

It is one of the most hated skin conditions there are. Yeah, that’s right: no one can seriously tolerate enlarged pores. Wrinkles and little dark spots are imperfections that don’t seem to worry us as much: what we worry the most about is skin’s texture, luminosity and its firmness. 

But before we start facing the problem, it is important to understand exactly what it consists of. First, we need to understand what the most efficient ingredients are and then committing ourselves into doing a skincare routine will come naturally.

What are pores – and why do pores become enlarged.

Pores are a fundamental part of the derma structure. Their function consists of linking sebaceous glands to the surface, allowing them to form an hydrolipidic protective layer that produces sebum: without it, skin couldn’t live. Every square centimeter of the skin has, more or less, 150 pores and, in normal conditions, have a 50 micron diameter. Given the large amount of pores, you shouldn’t have any doubt about the importance of their role. 

To dispel a myth, we have to say that pores can’t enlarge or shrink when they wish to do so because they are always open. Their enlargement can represent an esthetic danger for our skin and, in that sense, a great skincare regimen is a good way of keep our face looking smooth and firmed.

The causes why pores get larger and, eventually, get clogged are a lot: the excessive sebum production that can accumulate inside, using creams that are not meant for our skin-type, cleansers that are too harsh, genetic/hormonal causes or a not-so-healthy life style.

Once the cause has been determined, it is fundamental to get to know what our allies are in this war against pores.

The active ingredients to fight enlarged pores.

Here you’ll find what the best ingredients to fight dilated pores are. But keep in mind that this is just the result of our research and of course it could be more investigated. But for now, this is what we’ve find out so far:

  • Zinc: known for its capacity of inhibiting the activity of the enzyme responsible for accelerating diidrosterone production (the hormone that regulates excessive sebum production), zinc regulates sebum production, which is amazing for oily skins;
  • Retinol: aka Vitamin A, has a function of sebum regulation that stimulates the cellular renewal and the removal of dead skin and impurities that get accumulated on the face during the day;
  • Tea Tree Oil: what comes out from the hydrodistillation of Malaleuca leaves, which is a Australian blueberry plant similar to eucalyptus, has a fungicide, germicide, and bactericide activity;
  • Salicylic Acid: an ideal beta hydroxy acid for oily and acne prone skins, exfoliates it, deeply penetrates the pores, reduces sebum production, accelerates the cellular renewal and has anti-inflammatory proprieties;
  • Lactic Acid: it is used in cosmetics such as hydrolipidic equilibrium regulator, other than for its exfoliating, disinfectant and renewing action. 

There are also other ingredients like the phytoextracts that are very useful in out matter. Look for ingredients like: Barban (arctium lappa), Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis), Sage (salvia officinalis), Lavender (lavandula officinalis), Witch Hazel (hamamelis virginiana), Birch (betula alba), Holly plant (ruscus aculeatus) and Red Clover Extract.

In conclusion, if your products contain these ingredients in their list you’re indeed on the right track!

Here are the Made in Korea solutions.

Once again Korean skincare comes to the rescue. A lot of Asian brand have some products (or even an entire line) to fight dilated pores and blackheads. But which one to choose? Here at MIASONLOOg, we’ve selected the best ones for you. As always, by clicking the name of the product, you’ll be linked to the Maison Loo store: it can’t get any easier than this! 

Here they are:

Have a great skincare, y’all!

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