Welfare made in Marrakech – Hammam: what it is and what are the benefits.

If you think that the true welfare can only come from far East, you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, in Marrakech they know everything about self-care: it is not a coincidence Hammam comes from there. Just like the turkish bath that we all already know, this new treatment which is a mixture of religion and esthetics, is conquering the world. If you don’t know it yet then keep up with the reading and find out all about it.

Thinking about Marocco means you’ll inevitably think about Marrakech. This imperial city situated in the Western area of Marocco is, as of today, the major economic center and tourist destination of the country. Full of mosques, palaces and small over-crowded narrow streets, is famous for its markets, fabrics and jewelries. But coming home from a trip to Marrakech, most of the time, means one has experienced one of the relaxing and restoring treatments there are: Hammam. This treatment started in Marocco and then spread all over the world. The five steps and their incredible benefits, its history, it all makes it one of the most fascinating experiences to have. But where does it come from? And wha is its original meaning?

Hammam’s roots.

The first public bath goes way back in history. It was created by the Roman empire more than 2000 years ago. The empire allowed citizens to visit local bathhouse to cleanse themselves and keep a good hygiene. The idea caught up with the rest of the world and Morocco was amongst the first ones to embrace that way of bathing and even made it a community ritual.

What it is about.

It was at this point that religion and wellness treatment combined in one. Each and every muslim man used to wash his hands five times a day to purify body and soul, and this was done during Hammam. At the beginning, men were divided from women (today, this has changed in most places), citizens were meant to go this places to cleanse their soul with water. It didn’t took much for people to start gathering and make the hammam an occasion to pleasantly spend time with other people, thanks to the relaxation and destress it provided. In order to better understand hammam essence, it is enough to compare it to italian Turkish baths.

Its benefits.

Hammam has become a place of relaxation, where there esthetics and therapeutic rituals take place. The combination of hot temperatures and steam are extremely efficient in relaxing the body and deeply cleansing the skin; in fact, during the treatment, people often use soaps made with olive oil and eucalyptus to cleanse thoroughly their entire body. Steam’s properties take away dead skin from your body, unclog pores while eliminating toxins from the derma. At the same time it can activate the blood circulation and bring physical benefits to the body. This kind of treatment is able to reduce stress and anxiety: going through all of its stages, the body tends to relax slowly and gradually, decrease muscle tension, causing a release of endorphin that create a sensation of deep relaxation and wellness for for the mind too.

How it works: 5 steps

Hammam’s process consists of 5 steps. The first one is about going through Tepidarium, a humid room with a temperature of 36° C to allow the body to prepare for what’s next and for pores to unclog. After that, it’s time to wash and cleanse the body during the 2nd step, before going to Calidarium, which is the 3rd step. Here the temperature arises to about 45° and this causes a lot of sweat and fluids loss that need to be reintegrated with tea, tisane and fruits. The 4th is Gommage. It’s about doing a treatment that can boost the benefits of what has been done so far: there’s skin exfoliation, a massage and even face/body masks. The final step is in Frigidarium, a room with water at 28° to close pores and tonify the skin. 

Well, after all this talking we can’t wait to book a flight for Marrakech, what about y’all?

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