Hesito Sun&Care – Part I: Mission.

We want to be clear and just cut to the chase: in the last few years, a lot of new theories – often strongly contrasting theories – have been developed about the damages and benefits of the sun.

There’s been people who have strongly advised against it, almost as if exposing your skin to UV rays was something that needed to be avoided at all costs and everyone would’ve been safer just by living in the shadows and also people that, on the contrary, has stated that the only way to producing Vitamin D is by exposing to the sun during the hottest hours of the day and with no protection on.

The topic is a bit complex as y’all can see but the truth always lies in the middle.

As a matter of fact, the sun is the first source of life that has make the Earth the ideal place to develop and evolve in. It would be clearly wrong and almost against nature, to live a life constantly indoors, without letting the sun hit our skin, but at the same time it still is extremely dangerous for us to be exposed to it with no SPF on to shield us from the most threatening rays. 

Hesito is a brand that has deeply understood this situation and has made it its own starting point. They are aware of the fact that a balance between damages and benefits from sun exposure, can’t be managed by the sun itself, which by the way just keeps shining completely unbothered by our will. Hesito has gathered its team of specialists to create a line of innovative and efficient products.

This team started analyzing all the needs that our skins have when exposed to the sun; their goal was to give people the opportunity of enjoying the healthy vitality that the sun is capable of giving and, at the end of all their researches, they’ve created modern and handy solutions that easily adapts to the dynamic and fast life-style of recent years. 

So that, basically, is how Hesito Sun&Care was born.

This line is about multifunctional high-level products that can assist the skin during four phases: the preparation of the skin to sun exposure, the actual exposure, the tan maintainance and the restoring of elasticity and moisture needed.

To do so, Hesito Sun&Care have a formula that contains lots of active ingredients (we’ll see them in detail in the next articles), such as a mixture of broad-spectrum SPF sunscreens that protects you from UVA, UVB and IR rays; antioxidants that fight against oxidative stress from free radicals; specific actives that prevent the most permanent and dangerous damages; tanning activators that are at the same time, the main strength and defense naturally produced by our skin, against sun rays.

And if everything we said so far is not enough for your, hear this: all the products of this line are completely Vegan friendly and the fragrances were obtained without allergens. Another plus for Hesito Sun&Care is its intelligence: all the products are capable of regulating their own function depending on the heat and power of the sun rays that are hitting the skin.

In this line you’ll find four different types of product.

  1. ACTIVATION: products that stimulate the tanning process, to use at least two months before your first sun exposure; these will also help your skin’s capacity of protecting itself.
  2. MULTIFACTOR: products with SPF, antioxidants, capable of regulating their own function depending on the condition and protector of cellular’s DNA, is to be used during exposure.
  3. SUBLIME: products that maintain and enhance our tan to make it last longer.
  4. VITALIZING: products that counteract the dehydration and loss of elasticity of the skin, other than curing irritations and rednesses caused by sun exposure.

In the next articles, we’ll tell you all about the active ingredients contained in this Hesito Sun&Care line, so that you can choose consciously which ones are the best for you.

Since we’ve just made the Hesito Sun&Care line available, we suggest you take a look at the Maison Loo store online so you can see for yourself what these products are all about and how they’ll revolutionize your way of sunbathing during this summer.

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