Hesito Sun&Care – Part II: The ingredients

In this previous article – that btw we strongly recommend you go re-read it – we told you why Hesito decide to gather a team of specialists to create the Sun&Care line. Today we want to do more and tell you the deepest secrets of their formulas: the ingredients. Keep reading!

The goal of Hesito Sun&Care was, since the beginning, to create a line of high performing products that let clients expose themselves to sun rays, without risking permanent damages, but at the same time, allow them to do so and also benefit from all the advantages that this experience can offer. All the products, then, help us prepping the skin to sun rays during winter, protecting it from UVA, UVB and IR rays while we’re sunbathing on the beach, making our tan enhance and last longer and, at the same time, avoiding our skin to lose its elasticity and moisture. All of this is possible thanks to a smart formula that is able to regulate their function depending on the intensity and heat of sun rays.

The question is: how do they do it?

The answer is to be looked for in the list of ingredients that comes on the back of every product. Yes, we know that checking every list on every product can be too much to ask for so the MAISONLOOg Team is here to create a short guide to help you have a more conscious shopping experience.

Here are the ingredients and main actives of this Hesito Sun&Care line.

We’ll proceed in alphabetical order:

Acetyl Tirosina.

This tyrosine derivative is an aminoacid that, to say it in the simplest way, reacts to UV rays and turns into melanin. That’s why the tanning process can be accelerated, rednesses and erythema can be cured and lipid peroxidation can be diminished.

Hyaluronic Acid.

Used in almost every cosmetic product, its main function is to retain water to keep your skin tissues well hydrated and moist.

Lipoic Acid.

To fight oxidative stress caused by UV rays, the skin uses both non-enzymatic and enzymatic mechanisms. Lipoic acid is a very small molecule that seems to work as an antioxidant and helps other antioxidants ingredients too. The one used by Hesito has a natural release system based on phospholipids, which allows a perfect penetration of the actives.

AHA Alfa Idrossiacidi.

The ones used i Hesito Sun&Care are the lactic acid, glycolic acid, tartaric acid, citric and a misture of apple, lemon, grapefruit and bran.

Red Algae Hellenori.

In the ingredients list you’ll find it as Red Porphyra Umbilicalis and is used to assist skin’s DNA – which is the main target of UV rays – limiting the damages and changes, protecting the skin from cellular burns and saving melanocytes. 

ATP Peptide.

An ingredient that has been known to drive and participate in countless intracellular processes. Allows recovery from oxidative stress caused by sun exposure and boosts the activity of other actives linked to it.

Bisabolo and Panthenol.

They both have an unclogging, cooling and soothing function. They promote skin recovery and, for that reason, they’re essential all year long.

Red Grape Stem Cells.

These cells stimulate the natural capacity of human cells to revive and repair themselves, an ability that seems to decrease as time passes by. They’re rich in Resveratrolo, they delay premature skin aging and fight free radicals.

Co-Enzyme Q10.

It is an antioxidant fat soluble substance that is naturally available in large quantities in the skin. It has been shown what it can do against UV rays, thanks to its capacity of deeply penetrating the skin. This ingredient has been used to create the Hesito Sun&Care line because it becomes a fundamental ingredient after our thirties, when its natural levels drastically drop.

Bifurcaria Bifurcara Extract.

It appears in the list as brown seaweed. It is an active with antioxidant properties that increase the melanin levels in the skin, accelerating the tanning process and stimulating the natural protective function, it also revives dull skins and boosts Acetyl Tirosina.

Black Grape Peel Extract.

It is a concentration of bioflavonoids that makes this active a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties. It is used in the Hesito Sun&Care line to embellish the formulas.

Thermus Thermophilus Extract.

A ferment that can be found in hydrothermal springs. This protects from UV rays and IR, regulates its action depending on the heat generated by the sun’s radiations, prevents dehydration retaining water contained in mitochondria and protects elsatine and collagene proteins.

SPF Filters.

A true secret ingredient formulated by the Hesito team, it has a broad spectrum. It has both organic and mechanic filters to improve the product while keeping it lightweight.


It is a natural antioxidant derived from tomatoes skins that is extracted in a way that preserves its high concentration. It’s rich in carotene that stimulates tanning. Its actions are: anti-radical, anti-pollution, anti-aging and protection from UV rays.

NMF – Natural Moisturizing Factor.

This is a mix of ingredients created by Hesito to reintegrate the natural hydrating factor of the skin, often damaged by external factor. There are sugar, urea, aminoacids and lactic acids in it.


Now that you have all the means to better understand the list of ingredients, there’s not much left to do for us that remind you all that the Hesito Sun&Care line is now exclusively available on the Maison Loo store. 

Content created by Maison Loo. Reproduction without consent is prohibited.

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