Hesito Sun&Care – Part III: The products

In the previous articles we’ve talked to you about what motivated Hesito to create the Sun&Care line and what are the ingredients and actives that make these products so high quality. Now has come the moment to analyze them one by one to understand how to use them. Read this article carefully: once you’re done with it, the sun won’t scare you anymore!

Hesito Sun&Care, as we’ve seen a couple of days ago, is a line of high performing and smart products that – thanks to a mix of ingredients and actives that were meticulous studied – are essential for every phase during a proper sun exposure. In fact, these products allow us to prep our skin for the sun; to protect ourselves from UVA, UVB and IR rays; to make our tan last longer; to reinstate moisture and elasticity that the skin lost to the heat and all the environmental factors we face during summer. 

This line includes four series of products: the ACTIVATION, that stimulate the tan before the actual sunbathe; the MULTIFACTOR, smart filters that regalate their actions basing on the environmental conditions; the SUBLIME, that make our tan last longer; the VITALIZING, that rebalances the skin.

All products are available on the Maison Loo online store, but today we want to go further and analyze one at a time to understand why all of us should use them starting from right now. 

So let’s start this! As always, by clicking on the name/product image you’ll be redirected to the store.

Activation Sun Booster Face&Body

It is a tanning stimulator that has be used one or two months before the actual exposure to the sun. A tan is, in fact, the natural protection that the skin produces to shield itself from solar radiations and this product helps empowering and regulating the production of melanin, preventing at the same time the appearance of premature skin aging. Instead, during the exposure, this helps optimizing the timing, allowing us to expose for a shorter amount of time but in a more efficient way.

Key ingredients are ATP Peptide, Acetyl Tirosina, Bifurcaria Bifurcata, Licopene and walnut husk oil.

Multifactor Facial Cream SPF 50 – Golden / Bronze

A multi-active product that, besides from containing mechanical and organic SPF 50 filters with broad spectrum, also features: antioxidants, active ingredients that prevent DNA damages, tanning activators, ingredients capable of regulating their action based on the heat and intensity of sun ays, and finally has also the capacity to evening the skin-tone thanks to Golden or Bronze pigments contained in its formula. All in all, we’d have an even skin tone and a protected skin with this product!


Key ingredients: Thermus Thermophilus, Red Algae, Red Grape Stem Cells, Grape Seed Extract. 

Multifactor Sun Body Oil SPF 7

Tanning oil for the body with a low SPF. This donates an intense and even-skin look to your tan. This oil has a mix of SPF 7 with broad spectrum and the melanin activators that protect the skin very efficiently. It helps the skin fighting against oxidative stress caused by the exposure. 

Key ingredients: SPF filters, Walnut husk oil, Q10 co-enzyme, Lipoic acid, Natural Vitamin E.

Multifactor Sun Body Lotion – SPF 15 / SPF 30

Sun protection – medium or high -, this product too is multi-active and it includes solar filters with broad spectrum for UVA and UVB rays, antioxidants, melanin activator and an enzymatic biotechnological extract that is able to regulate even IR rays. This is another star product that controls itself based on the power and intensity of sun rays.


Key ingredients: SPF filter, Thermus Thermophilus Extract, Licopene, Red algae, Walnut husk oil.

Sublime Shower Oil

This is a treatment that comes in a shower oil, meant to be used before the shower and then rinsed off. This oil creates an hydrating and protecting film on the skin that helps it: against the harsh effect of salt water and sand; maintaining an homogeneous and long-lasting tan, fighting against the action of limestone that comes from the water we use to shower; setting the melanin on the most superficial layers of the skin.

Key ingredients: Natural Vitamin E, Walnut Husk Oil, Coconut Oil and Walnut Oil.

Vitalizing Face&Body Emulsion

The time to restore our skin tone has finally come. This product is an hydrating milk, that can be used on the face as well as on the body; it is able to restore the lost hydration and donate elasticity to the skin after exposing to the sun, sand and salt water. 

Key ingredients: Natural Moisturizing Factor NMF integrative complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, Lipoic Acid, Q10 Co-enzyme, Natural Vitamin E.

Do you still think the sun is dangerous? Have a great sunbathe, everyone!

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