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MAISON LOO was created by Loo, a young woman who is very passionate about skincare routines and beauty products.

Since she was a little girl, she’s always been surrounded by women who carefully payed attention to their wellbeing, both mental and physical. So, ever since, she has grown up believing that there’s no such thing as not having time to take care of oneself and that those are just excuses to justify one’s laziness.
It was her mother who, quoting Demi Moore’s words, always told her “there are no ugly women, only lazy ones”.

Through all these years, those were the words that helped her build the skincare and makeup routine she’s still currently using today.

Loo bought her first moisturizing cream when she was seventeen, it was by Garnier.
It didn’t take too long for her to add makeup removers, toners and cleansers to her routine.
At first she started off with only drugstore products but then her passion grew even bigger when she tried a couple of luxury brands like Dior, Lancôme, Clarins and last but definitely not least: Chanel. It was the Chanel’s Hydra Beauty line that made her fall in love with the brand.

As years passed, she found herself doing exactly what her mom used to do: she was now the one standing in front of the mirror, at the end of her day with her robe on, taking care of her skin using her newly discovered products.

But then one day her aunts made her try Korean skincare products and nothing else mattered:
she immediately noticed how incredibly comfortable, fresh and glowing those products made her skin look: she had fallen for those just like she did for the Hydra Beauty before.

She then started trying the most famous and exclusive Korean brands that, unfortunately, were not that easy to find in Europe.

That’s when a simple idea developed into a mission.

That’s when MAISON LOO came to life.


After almost a year spent studying the market and the products, putting a team together, after choosing the right official suppliers, MAISON LOO came to life as an e-commerce.
Its mission is to spread, both in Italy and in Europe, Korea’s centenary skincare knowledge by making these amazing products available.

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On our website you will find all the best Korean cosmetic brands for Skincare.


Buy from Italy and Europe at advantageous prices, forgetting taxes and customs duties.


On Maison Loo we only have products that we personally test. You can trust our experience!


In Europe, the delivery of the products takes place in 48/72h and is free of charge over € 99.


Maison Loo

Korean Cosmetics and Korean Skincare Routine


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Maison Loo

Korean Cosmetics and Korean Skincare Routine