Peel-Off / Wash-Off Masks, Exfoliators

Finding a good exfoliator is no easy task: you want something effective enough to deeply take away dead skin cells, but you don’t want something too harsh. These are the ones we believe represent the perfect balance.

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  • China4
  • Italy21
  • Korea315
  • Taiwan En2
  • USA24
Effect on the Skin
  • Anti-pollution Effect27
  • Anti-stains Effect19
  • Anti-wrinkle Effect122
  • Lightening Effect23
  • Moisturizing effect215
  • Oil Control / Pore Refine11
Skin type
  • Acneic Skin249
  • Dry Skin295
  • Mixed Skin286
  • Normal Skin300
  • Oily Skin261
  • Sensitive Skin258
  • Natural Product57

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