Elizabeth Arden PRO

Elizabeth Arden PRO Cosmetics

Elizabeth Arden PRO is a an american makeup and skinare brand that has been founded a century ago. The line consists of products that are clinically proven to maintain optimal skin health and overtime will give you the appearance of younger skin. Elizabeth Arden’s fundamental belief was that beauty should be an intelligent cooperation between science and nature in order to develop a woman’s finest natural assets.

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Effect on the Skin
  • Anti-acne10
  • Anti-redness50
  • Anti-stains (Lightening)40
  • Anti-wrinkle122
  • Hydrating224
  • Oil Control / Pore Refine47
Skin type
  • Dry Skin287
  • Mixed Skin287
  • Normal Skin287
  • Oily Skin284
  • Clean Beauty47
  • Best Choice2
  • Cruelty-Free Product303
  • Vegan Product60

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