Cosmetics suitable for Dry Skin

Overly dry, chapped, flaky is how this type of skin looks like. What’s even more frustrating is that there’s a never ending list of causes that can occur at any time of year: winter weather and indoor heat, too much sun or chlorine, everyday aging, skin conditions like eczema, or harsh products and so on. Products for dry skin are intended to replenish thirsty complexions with intense moisture, and that’s exactly what we wish to achieve with these selected formulas.

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Effect on the Skin
  • Anti-acne9
  • Anti-redness21
  • Anti-stains (Lightening)17
  • Anti-wrinkle74
  • Hydrating125
  • Oil Control / Pore Refine22
Skin type
  • Dry Skin161
  • Mixed Skin159
  • Normal Skin160
  • Oily Skin158
  • Clean Beauty18
  • Best Choice1
  • Cruelty-Free Product147
  • Vegan Product36

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