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Terms of Use

1. 1. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions of Use (the “Terms of Use”) apply to the Maison Loo website located at www.maisonloo.com (collectively, the “Site”).

The Site is the property of Maison Loo Srl and also managed by it.

By accessing and using the website, the User accepts the Terms of Use.

These Terms of Use constitute a contract between the User and Maison Loo Srl and cannot be modified without the consent of Maison Loo Srl. The present Terms of Use refer to every single parte of the Website, to the services available and must be read carefully. The use of the Website is subject to the Terms of Use. Moreover, the User must read the Privacy Policy of Maison Loo Srl. Maison Loo Srl reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use in any time and unilaterally without any notice. Any modification will be posted on the Website.

The offer and sale of products on our Website (www.maisonloo.com) are managed by the General Terms of Sale.

The products purchased on www.maisonloo.com are sold directly by Maison Loo Srl, whose legal head office is in Italy, Via della Volta, 76/C, 25124 Brescia BS. VAT Registration number: 04099730980, Fiscal Code and Reg. Businesses BS: 04099730980.

You can ask Maison Loo Srl for information, just by filling in the application form at the page “Contact us”.

You can contact Maison Loo Srl by e-mail (info@maisonloo.com).

For any other legal information, please consult the following sections: General Terms of Use and Sale (included the Information on the Right of Withdrawal),Privacy policy and Use of Cookies.

2. Our Commercial Policy

These General Terms of Sale exclusively regulate the offer, the forwarding and the acceptance of the purchase order of products on www.maisonlooo.com between the users of www.maisonloo.com and the Seller.

However, these General Terms of Sale do not manage the supply of services or the sale of products by anyone beside the Seller, that may appear on www.maisonloo.com through links, banners or other hypertextual links. Before forwarding orders and purchasing products or services from individuals that are not the Seller, we advise to verify their terms of sale, because the Seller is not responsible for the supply of services from third persons beside the Seller itself or the conclusion of e-commerce operations between the users of www.maisonloo.it and other third persons.

3. Intellectual Property Rights

Every content in this Website, including but not limited to texts, photos, videos and pictures, is protected by copyright. Maison Loo Srl, or its licensee, are the owners of the copyright and/or database rights for the selection, coordination, organization, valuation of such contents, as well as the original content. The product or trademark names are owned by the respective owners. With the exception of what explicitly indicated in the Terms of Use, the User will have no rights on the intellectual property rights in the ownership of Maison Loo Srl o its licensee. The user must not avail himself or try to obtain such intellectual property rights and will not be able to use, copy, duplicate, modify, issue, communicate, participate to the transfer or sale, create works derived from, or exploit the name of Maison Loo Srl, trademarks, service trademarks, logos or other brands owned by Maison Loo Srl in any other way, or any other content in this Website, both entirely and partially, except for what established in the Terms of Use.

The User will be able to download the information from the Website for his own personal use but not for commercial purposes. Unless differently established by law regarding copyright, no copy, redistribution, communication, publication or commercial exploitation of the downloaded contents are allowed without explicit approval of Maison Loo Srl, as well as the copyright regarding the related intellectual property rights. In case of authorized copy, redistribution or publication of copyrighted material, no modification or cancellation of author attribution, brand or right of authorship must be done. The User accepts that he will not acquire any rights of intellectual property through the download of content protected by copyright.

The rights granted to the User in accordance with the Terms of Use will cease immediately when occurring any Terms of Use infringement.

4. Links to the Website and third websites

The Website may contain hyperlinks to websites run by third persons. Maison Loo Srl is not responsible for third parties’ contents referring to the Website or referred to by the Website itself. The addition of hyperlinks to those websites by Maison Loo Srl do not imply any acceptance of material published on those websites or any other relation between Maison Loo Srl and its website managers. The user will not be able to arrange hyperlinks to the Website from third websites, in absence of a written agreement with Maison Loo Srl.

5. Maison Loo Srl Responsibility

In as much as such responsibility can be excluded by law, Maison Loo Srl do not assume any responsibility and do not provide any guarantee in relation to the Website, and its contents or to the contents of any other websites. In the limits of what established by law, Maison Loo Srl is not responsible for potential direct or indirect damages of any kinds.

6. Compensation

The User accepts to refund and release Maison Loo Srl, its suppliers and its affiliates, related entities and its respective administrators, executives, employees and agents from and against any complaints, losses, damages, responsibilities and costs (included, without limits and in the limits of good sense, lawyer fees as well as legal expenses), deriving from or related to the violation of the Terms of Use or from the access or use services of Maison Loo Srl by the User. The duty of compensation which precedes will survive at the suspension of the Terms of Use as well as the suspension of the service functioning of www.maisonloo.com or any products or services provided by Maison Loo Srl.

7. Contents provided by the User

Apart from what differently established in the Terms of Use or in the Notice on the Treatment of personal data of Maison Loo Srl, any communication or content sent from the User to Maison Loo Srl by services provided by www.maisonloo.com, by e-mail or in any other way, including, and without any limits, any kind of contest or lottery, images, photos, video and audio files, essays, questions, comments, suggestions or similar, is and will be treated as non-confidential and not owned and therefore will be used by Maison Loo Srl, its suppliers, or its affiliates or individuals related to any purposes, included without limitations, the reproduction, the modification, the publication, the diffusion, the advertising and also for promotional purposes through any support with no need of further authorizations, consensus, payments, or other, if not prohibited by law. Moreover, Maison Loo Srl, its suppliers and affiliates, as well as everyone that’s related to them will be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques inserted in any communication sent from the User to Maison Loo Srl by means of the services offered by www.maisonloo.com for any purpose, included, and without limitations, the development and the sale of products or services, using the information contained in such communication.

8. Withdrawal

The Terms and conditions are effective until Maison Loo Srl withdrawals. Maison Loo Srl will be able to recede from the Terms and conditions in any moment and without advance notice, even partially referring to only one service provided by Maison Loo Srl. In case of withdrawal, the User will not be authorized to access such services provided by www.maisonloo.com while Users’ rights and duties related to waivers, allowances, limitations of responsibilities established in the Terms and Conditions, will still be valid even after the withdrawal itself. Moreover, Maison Loo Srl has the right to interrupt without notice and in any moment some or all of the services of www.maisonloo.com or part of them or products or services offered through them, or impede anyone the access or the use of the services provided by Maison Loo Srl or part of them.

Online Dispute Resolution System (ODR): http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

9. Conformity with Law

The User agrees that all matters related to the services provided by www.maisonloo.com, including the purchase of products and services on the website, will be managed by all the laws, statutes, ordinances. It is necessary to be at least 18 years old in order to use the services provided by www.maisonloo.com.

10. Miscellaneous

If part of the Terms of Use was not relevant, all the other parts would still be valid and effective between the parties. The Terms of Use are subject to the law of the Italian Republic and any controversy related to the same, as well as the Website, will be managed by the Italian jurisdiction.

General Terms of Sale

The offer and sale of products on our website (www.maisonloo.com) are regulated by these General Terms of Sale.

The products purchased on www.maisonloo.com are directly sold by Maison Loo Srl, whose registered office is in Italy, Via della Volta, 76/C, 25124 Brescia BS, VAT number: 04099730980, Fiscal Code and Registry of Businesses BS: 04099730980.

For any information, you can contact Maison Loo Srl by filling in the application form available at the page “Contacts”.

Remember you can always contact Maison Loo Srl by e-mail (info@maisonloo.com)

For further legal information, please consult the sections: General Terms of Use and Sale (including the Information on the Right of Withdrawal), Privacy and Cookies policy.

1. How to conclude the contract with Maison Loo Srl

In order to conclude the purchasing contract of one or more products on www.maisonloo.com, you will have to fill the electronic order form in and send it to the Seller, following the related instructions.

The order form contains these General Terms of Sale and a summary on the essential characteristics of each ordered product and its related price (the price on the website includes VAT).
These General Terms of Sale will later specify the payment methods and the delivery methods of the purchased products, shipping and delivery costs, a cross reference to the terms for the exercise of your right of withdrawal, modalities and return time of the purchased products.

The contract is concluded when the Seller receives your order form online, with previous check of the accuracy of the data related to the order placed.

Before proceeding with the purchase through the order form, you will be asked to accept the General Terms of Use and Sale and authorize the treatment of personal data in accordance with the 2016/679 European Regulation. You can read again the General Terms of Use and Sale and the Information on personal data processing methods by clicking on the links suggested on the screen before proceeding with the purchase.

The order form will be put in our database for the time the order takes to be handled and processed; in any case, within the time limits established by the law. You will be able to access to your order form by consulting the section orders inside “My account”.

Before proceeding the transmission of the order form, you will be also required to identify and correct possible errors while filling your data in.

The available languages to conclude the contract with the Seller are Italian and English.
As soon as the contract is concluded, Maison Loo Srl will take on responsibility of your purchase order.

The Seller will not proceed with your purchase order in case you do not provide enough solvency guarantees or it seems incomplete or incorrect, i.e. in case the product is not available.

In these cases, we will contact you by e-mail to inform you that the contract is unconcluded and the Seller has not proceeded with your purchase order; the email will obviously specify the reasons why the order could not be processed.

If the products showed on www.maisonloo.com are no longer available nor are for sale at the moment of your last access to the website, i.e. the sending of the order form, the Seller will promptly inform you, no matter what and within thirty (30) days from the subsequent day of the order transmission to the Seller, of the unavailability of the ordered products. In case the order was already forwarder and the price already payed, the Seller will refund you the full amount you had already paid in advance.

Through the online order form transmission, you accept unconditionally and commit to observe these General Terms of Sale with regard to the relations with the Seller. If you do not agree with some terms reported in the General Terms of Sale, we invite you not to forward your order form for the purchase of the products on www.maisonloo.com.

With the transmission of the order form, you confirm to know and accept the General Terms of Sale and further information contained in www.maisonloo.com, as well as those cited in the links, including the General Terms of Use and Sale, the Information on the personal data processing methods.

Once the contract is concluded, the Seller will send the purchase order receipt by e-mail, with a summary of the information already contained in the order form, information related to the essential product features and the detailed price indications, methods of payment and delivery costs.

2. Guarantees and indication of the prices of the products

On our Website www.maisonloo.com, you can find skincare and beauty products.

The essential characteristics of the products are showed on www.maisonloo.com inside each product file. However, the images and the colors of the products that are for sale on www.maisonloo.com might differ from reality because of the monitor used or the effects given by different Internet browsers.

The prices of the products might be subject to change. Please ascertain the final price before forwarding the related order form.

In case the User exercises the right of withdrawal, the Seller can decide not to accept the return of products if their essential and qualitative characteristics were altered or if the products were damaged.

The prices showed on www.maisonloo.com already INCLUDE VAT TAX.

The User will not be charged with customs tax.

3. Payments

For all the delivered products, Maison Loo Srl issues the receipt accompanied by the data provided by the Customer. For those who need the invoice, the request must be forwarded to Maison Loo Srl during the order, by specifying the name of your Company and your VAT registration number in the section “Invoice Information”.

The different payment methods accepted by Maison Loo Srl on www.maisonloo.com are as follow:

Credit Card payments (through the Stripe service);

• Credit Card payments: the products are entrusted to the carrier the same day or the next working day from the order acceptation.

The payment by credit card will be carried out on the Stripe service; Maison Loo Srl will nor store financial information (for example, the credit/debit card number or its expiry date).

4. Shipment and products delivery

Please read carefully what reported in this section because the information contained here is integrant and substantial part of the present General Terms of Sale and, therefore, are considered as known and accepted by the User during the order form forwarding.

Delivery methods

The delivery is carried out during the working days from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
The carrier will deliver the goods by sending the User an automatic message before delivering.
If the Customer is absent, the carrier will contact the addressee in order to arrange a second delivery.
In case this second attempt is still unsuccessful, the goods will be put in storage (pending goods) and the Customer will be contacted by Maison Loo Srl in order to define an extra delivery.
Parking or storage expenses at the carrier’s warehouse will be at Maison Loo Srl’s expenses for the first two deliveries and if it’s still unsuccessful and more deliveries are needed, the Customer will be the one to be charged for such expenses.

During the delivery of the goods made by the Courrier, the Customer has to check that:
• the number of delivered packages corresponds to what indicated in the carrier’s delivery;
• the packaging is intact, undamaged, neither wet nor altered.

Once the Customer signs the carrier’s delivery note, he will no longer submit complaints about the exterior characteristics of what has been delivered.

Delivery times

If the goods appear to be in stock in Maison Loo Srl warehouse, the delivery will take place within 24/72 hours from the time of shipment (Italy) or 48/72 hours (Europe).

If the goods are not already in stock, Maison Loo Srl will wait for the supplier’s delivery before the actual shipment.

In case the order contains products not in stock or not available at the producer’s, we will contact you in the right timing for the supply from the producer. In case it is impossible to supply or if it takes too long, we will arrange with the Customer for the replacement with other products, or the refund, if it has been already paid.

In case of pre-ordering a product, the entire order will be shipped once the pre-ordered product is available. Expected shipping time is usually around one business week. In case of impossibility of supply, or if this has to take place in a long time, the customer will be contacted to agree on other options (replacement with other products, or the refund of unavailable products or the entire order placed, if already paid).

Delivery costs

We ship in Italy and all over Europe.

Delivery rates depend on whether the goods are shipped in Italian or European soil.

> 5,99 € + IVA (Italy – excluded Sicilia and Sardegna | Spain)
> 7,99 € + IVA (Italy – Sicilia and Sardegna)
Free shipping for orders over 49,00 €

> 19,00 €
Free shipping for orders over 99,00 €

Impossibility to ship products

If the purchased products cannot be shipped (due to lack of goods, damaged goods, etc …) the customer can choose between:

  • The replacement of products;
  • The refund;
  • Receipt of a coupon code of the same value to be used for subsequent orders.

The customer will be contacted by us and, in this case, the shipment will be made as soon as an agreement is reached.

In case of no response within three working days, we will proceed with the refund of the entire order or the refund of the products listed above and the shipment of the remaining order.

5. Customer assistance

You can ask our assistance services for any kind of information by e-mail: info@maisonloo.com.

6. Right of withdrawal

You have the right to recede from the contract stipulated with the Seller, without any penalty and without specifying any reasons, within fourteen (14) working days, starting from the day the products, purchased on www.maisonloo.com, were received.

In order to terminate the contract, you must contact Maison Loo Srl by e-mail (info@maisonloo.com), by affirming that you want to exercise the right of withdrawal.
In this case, you will have to return the products to the Seller by entrusting them to the carrier for the shipment within fourteen (14) working days, starting from the day the products were received.

The only costs at the expenses of the Customer are those for returning the purchased products.

The right of withdrawal – apart from the respect of terms and methods described in the previous steps, are to be considered correctly exercised in case also the following conditions are entirely respected:
• Communication of withdrawal to the Seller within fourteen (14) working days from the receipt of products;
• The products must not be damaged;
• The returned products must be shipped to the Seller in a unique shipment. In fact, the Seller exercises the right not to accept the products of a same order, returned and shipped in different times.
• The returned products must be delivered to the carrier within fourteen (14) working days from the date of receipt of products.
If the right of withdrawal is exercised according to the modalities and terms indicated in this paragraph (6), the Seller will refund the possible amounts already collected for the purchase according to the modalities and terms established.

The amounts will be refunded as soon as possible and, in any case, within thirty (30) days from the date the Seller learned about the exercise of the right of withdrawal, we will arrange for activating the refund procedures, once the correct execution of the above indicated terms and conditions have been verified.

If the modalities and terms are not respected for the exercise of the right of withdrawal, as specified in this paragraph, you will not have the right to receive the refund equal to what you have already paid to the Seller, however you will be able to obtain again, at your expenses, the products in the state in which they have been returned to the Seller.
In the contrary, the Seller will be able to withhold the products, as well as the amounts of money already paid for the purchase.

If your order has already been concluded but you realize you purchased the wrong product, contact us immediately via email info@maisonloo.com indicating both the products you’d like to give back and the new one you’ve just chosen. We’ll provide you a coupon code that you’ll be able to use in your new order and that has the same value as the total you already wrongly paid for the previous order and that will also erase shipping costs. The new products that you’ll chose will be shipped with the other products that you eventually had already purchased earlier, all in the same package.

The value of the substitute products will have to be equal or higher to the value of the wrongly purchased products.

We remind you all that, if you used a coupon code for a sale promotion that is intended to be used for only one purchase, you will be not able to re-use it in the new purchase.

7. Time and methods of refund

After returning the products, the Seller will arrange for the necessary verifications related to the conformity of the same terms and conditions indicated in paragraph 6. In case the verifications are positive, the Seller will send the related confirmation of the returned products acceptation by e-mail.

Whatever method of payment the User chose, the refund will be done by the Seller as soon as possible and anyway within thirty (30) days from the date the Seller learned about the exercise of your right of withdrawal upon verification of the correct execution of your right of withdrawal and acceptation of the returned products.
In case there is no correspondence between the addressee indicated in the order form and the person who has made the payment of the overdue sums for the purchase, the refund, in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, will be carried out by the Seller, in any case, towards the person who has made the payment.

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